Update 9.7 (Autumn Patch 2012) was implemented on October 10, 2012. Link to the Official Announcement.

Update Teasers

Changes and new features

Conduct level

Punishment of players and the way this is displayed changed with the implementation of conduct levels. This change caused permanent final warnings to become non permanent anymore, which was highly criticized by Tibia players. Craban replied in the Audiotorium Error: Invalid thread parameter ordering? (id comes first)Error: Too many parameters (max 2)., arguing CiPsoft could not retrospectively punish players.

Global Inbox

Instead of having a separate Inbox in the Depot of every city, from now on players have a global inbox, which can be accessed from any depot. This results in items from expired offers on the Market being accessed more easily from every Depot, instead of going to the exact city depot where the offer initially was made.

Offline training in bed

Before this update you could regain mana and health points while being offline when going to a Bed as a premium account player. Also, different skills could be trained offline in Training Schools. These two features are combined, both mana and health points are regained as well as skills are being trained offline, when logging out using a Bed.

Flash Client Adjustments

Mirade explains in Error: Invalid thread parameter ordering? (id comes first)Error: Too many parameters (max 2). some changes to the Flash Client. The most note worthy is the ability to import/export the Minimap in the flash client (which was possible before, but was removed with the introduction of the Migration Tool. They are listed here:

  • Clicking the "click here to activate" message in the Flash client will not directly lead to an action of your character anymore (e.g. walking to where you clicked). It will only activate the game window. However, a double click still allows you to perform the respective action right away if you have the "click here to activate" message on your screen.
  • Flash client users can now use the migration tool to import and export their minimap.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented VIP descriptions containing special characters such as " , or \ from migrating successfully.
  • VIP list options are now saved successfully on the server when using the Flash client to play.
  • We fixed an issue in the Flash client that caused a client crash upon shift-dragging an action with a hotkey assigned to another action button.
  • We fixed an issue in the Flash client where a right-click did not disable the "click here to activate" message but displayed a context menu instead.
  • We fixed an issue in the Flash client where the combat controls widget displayed the wrong secure mode after closing the options menu.
  • We addressed an issue in the Flash client where changes in the options were not saved when using alternative ways to logout such as a training statue or a bed, for example.

Additional Changes

In the same Error: Invalid thread parameter ordering? (id comes first)Error: Too many parameters (max 2). some other changes are listed:

  • In the stand-alone client, long character names in the VIP list (29 letters) were cut off and the "message to" function did not work properly. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with the option "don't stretch/shrink" that could lead to client crashes if accessed from the title screen in the stand-alone client.
  • Activating the chase opponent option no longer aborts distance attacks if the target cannot be reached.
  • The text for the achievement "Berry Picker" has been adjusted slightly: "The Combined Magical Winterberry Society hereby honours continued selfless dedication and extraordinary efforts in the Annual Autumn Vintage."
  • Several typos, market flags and warning messages have been fixed.

New Items

Fansite Items
Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Noble Sword
Noble Sword
Missing File
50.00 oz
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
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