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Client Changes and New Features

It was also announced that the Flash Client had left its Beta stage. Link to the official News Article

  • It is now possible to store the VIP list and Flash client options on CipSoft's servers. This allows players to use the same client settings on different computers.
  • The VIP list options of stand-alone client users are also stored on servers now.
  • A Migration Tool has been added in order to transfer old settings to the servers.
  • When multiple players are on a single tile ("stacking") you can now look at each of them instead of the player on top, using the Battle Window. When looking from within the game window, you (still) only look at the player on the top.


New NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Missing File
Assistant One floor down in the Knight's building on the Island of Destiny

New Creatures

Name Exp HP Loot
Young Troll
Young Troll
Missing File
12 30
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