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Update Teasers

  1. Further Spring Patch Features
  2. Spring Patch Getting Closer
  3. Beta Flash Client Improvements


  • An anti-kick feature was implemented, to protect players affected by kicks.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • The following creatures have had loot adjustments officially mentioned: Juggernaut, Blightwalker, Lost Soul, Defiler.
  • Player and creature summons no longer have corpses. Consequently they do not appear in the server log.
  • Askarak Demons and Shaburak Demons had their defense and melee attacks heightened.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • Many changes were introduced to Paw and Fur Society tasks
  • A bridge was erected to connect the two sides of the ice just west of Svargrond (here) to make accessing Badgers easier for the Paw and Fur Society task.
  • Horestis' tomb is no longer empty if the world change is in its first stage. Creatures now spawn there to defend the reign of Horestis.
  • Players now get an additional reward by successfully finishing the A Pirate's Death to Me World Task.
  • The Easter event was replaced by the brand new event Spring into Life. The event will start on April 16. (colored eggs, part of the Easter event, can still be looted from rabbits and can still be bought from stores).


  • The Deepling and Hive world changes are now separated from each other. If players fulfill the required conditions they can advance both on the hive side and the deepling side. In addition, the status of both world changes is now graphically represented on Gray Beach.
  • New elite opponents now strengthen the underwater troops of the deepling race. Also, the Hive Born have bred six bosses. These bosses spawn in a new room when The Hive is in the last stage of the world change. Each boss can drop 0-2 dung balls, yielding 10 war experience (needed to obtain the Insectoid Outfits).

Paw and Fur Society changes

  • More bosses were added so that every task of the last two level ranges, level 80 – 129, and level 130 plus, now have its own boss, for example the mutated bat boss Bruise Payne, or Fazzrah, the boss of the high class lizzards.
  • A couple of creatures and bosses you have to face in the Paw and Fur Society tasks have been strengthened and their loot improved a bit.
  • Players who die in the special task boss areas (Demodras, Tiquandas Revenge) may now reattempt the task.
  • Badgers now receive larger spawns around Svargrond.
  • The reward for the 6666 demon task (Demon Oak Quest) was adjusted to replace The Inquisition Quest rewards with unique rewards for this quest. Players who have already completed this task may exchange their reward for another (just once).
  • The quest log now displays the amount of task points obtained.
  • The Pwned All Fur achievement was renamed and a new achievement for all Paw and Fur society bosses including the new ones were introduced.

Anti-kick feature

In the case of disconnection from server, players now have a greater chance of survival.

  • Characters log off after a shorter period of time depending on vocation: a knight (or characters of no vocation) will log off after 60 seconds, a paladin 50 and a druid/sorcerer 40. Before, it was 60 seconds for all vocations.
  • Characters are now ignored by creatures for 30 seconds upon the time the server recognizes the client has lost connection. This leaves less time a character is vulnerable: 30 seconds (knight), 20 seconds (paladin) or 10 seconds (druid/sorcerer). Note that this is invisibility, not invincibility - area attacks will affect the player still.
  • All players now gain 10 second invisibility to creatures upon login, but as soon as the player has moved or attacked, creatures will again see the character.
  • A status icon is now displayed if your connection to the server appears to be laggy.

Creature Loot Changes

Bosses Loot Changes

Sprite Changes

Some Items received a new look.

Name Old Image New Image
Fire Sword Fire Sword (Old).gif Fire Sword.gif
Bottle, Beer Bottle and Empty Beer Bottle Bottle (Old).gif Botle.png
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet (Old).gif Iron helmet.png
Plate Shield Plate Shield (Old).gif Plate shield.png
Blank Paper, Sheet of Tracing Paper (Blank) (both written lizards and unwritten) Blank Paper (Old).gif Blank Paper.gif
Terra Hood Terra Hood (Old).gif Terra Hood.gif
Royal Draken Mail Royal Draken Mail (Old).gif Royal draken mail2.png
Royal Scale Robe Royal Scale Robe (Old).gif Royal scale robe.png
Sandals and Eclesius' Sandals Sandals (Old).gif Sandals.png
Jerom's Family Necklace and Dragon Necklace Jerom's Family Necklace (Old).gif Dragon necklace.png
Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet (Old).gif Stone Skin Amulet.gif
Golden Amulet Golden Amulet (Old).gif Golden Amulet.gif
Castle Shield Castle Shield (Old).gif Castle Shield.gif
Rapier Rapier (Old).gif Rapier.png
Sword Sword (Old).gif Sword.gif
Longsword Longsword (Old).gif Longsword.gif
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword (Old).gif Carlin Sword.gif
Serpent Sword Serpent Sword (Old).gif Serpent Sword.gif
Bright Sword Bright Sword (Old).gif Bright Sword.gif
Assassin Dagger Assassin Dagger (Old).gif Assassin Dagger.gif
Hand Axe Hand Axe (Old).gif Hand Axe.gif
Barbarian Axe Barbarian Axe (Old).gif Barbarian Axe.gif
Battle Axe Battle Axe (Old).gif Battle Axe.gif
Double Axe Double Axe (Old).gif Double Axe.gif
Naginata Naginata (Old).gif Naginata.gif
Guardian Axe Guardian Axe (Old).gif Guardian Axe.gif
Bone Club Bone Club (Old).gif Bone Club.gif
Banana Staff Banana Staff (Old).gif Banana Staff.gif
Mammoth Whopper Mammoth Whopper (Old).gif Mammoth Whopper.gif
Bonebreaker Bonebreaker (Old).gif Bonebreaker.gif
Dragon Ham Dragon Ham (Old).gif Dragon Ham.gif
Brown Bread Brown Bread (Old).gif Brown Bread.gif
Torch Torch (Old).gif Torch.gif
Golden Mug Golden Mug (Old).gif Golden Mug.gif
Cleaver Cleaver (Old).gif Cleaver.gif
Light Mace Light Mace (Old).gif Light mace.png

New Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward Implemented
Spring into Life 0 8 Tibian cities and Dragon Lairs Dragon Hatchlings yelds 25% more experience. Coloured Eggs, Candies, Bars of Chocolate, Blue Surprise Bags and possibly more from nests. 9.50

New Achievements

Name Grade Points Prem Secret Description
Back from the Dead

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

2 You overcame the undead Zanakeph and sent him back into the darkness that spawned him.
Dream's Over

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

1 No more fear and bad dreams. You stabbed Tormentor to death with its scythe leg.
Enter zze Draken!

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

2 You gave zzze draken a tazte of your finizzzing move.
Howly Silence

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

1 You muted the everlasting howling of Hemming.

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

1 No joke, you murdered the bat.
King of the Ring

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

2 Bretzecutioner's body just got slammed away. You are a true king of the ring!
Pwned All Fur

Achievement Grade Symbol.gifAchievement Grade Symbol.gifAchievement Grade Symbol.gif

8 You've faced and defeated each of the mighty bosses the Paw and Fur society sent you out to kill. All by yourself. What a hunt!
Stepped on a Big Toe

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

1 This time you knocked out the big one.
Zzztill Zzztanding!

Achievement Grade Symbol.gif

1 You wiped Fazzrah away - zzeemzz like now you're the captain.

New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Cake Cabinet Kit Cake Cabinet Kit.gif 75.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Doll of Durin The Almighty Doll of Durin The Almighty.gif 40.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Dung Ball (Quest) Dung Ball (Quest).gif 1.90
Majestic Shield Majestic Shield.gif 150.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Mathmaster Shield Mathmaster Shield.gif 3.14
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Medusa Skull Medusa Skull.gif 10.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Pirate's Surprise Pirate's Surprise.gif 12.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Spellbook of Ancient Arcana Spellbook of Ancient Arcana.gif magic level +4 25.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Surprise Nest Surprise Nest.gif 20.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Thorn Spitter Thorn Spitter.gif 126.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

New Creatures

Name Exp HP Max Damage Loot
Crypt Defiler.gif
Crypt Defiler
70 185 Unknown
Deepling Brawler.gif
Deepling Brawler
260 380 150? Physical Damage
Deepling Elite.gif
Deepling Elite
3000 3200 225+ Physical Damage
Deepling Master Librarian.gif
Deepling Master Librarian
1900 1700 ?
Deepling Tyrant.gif
Deepling Tyrant
4200 4500 1090 Physical Damage
Grave Robber.gif
Grave Robber
65 165 ?

New Bosses

Name Exp HP Max Damage Loot
3700 5600 714+ Physical Damage
Bruise Payne.gif
Bruise Payne
1000 1600 ?
5400 7200 ?
2600 2955 Unknown
5500 5700 800?
2850 3000 500 (550+ with the War Wolves)
6500 8200 ?
6000 9500 ?
Paiz the Pauperizer.gif
Paiz the Pauperizer
6300 8500 1800
? 6800 ?
4000 6100 300+?
3200 4100 700
1300 3000 ?
9900 13000 2000+

New Objects

Name Walkable Notes
Cake Cabinet Cake Cabinet.gif Use a Cake Cabinet Kit while standing inside a house to construct it. You can't put it into your backpack once unpacked. When the cabinet was initially introduced, it could briefly be bought as a kit from the Furniture shop in Venore.

Click Here to Show/Hide Spoiler Information
Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow. (Settings: hidden content)
Received as a kit from Brutus The Baker during the A Piece of Cake world quest.
Spoiler ends here.
Dragon's Nest (Hatched) Dragon's Nest (Hatched).gif Some Dragon eggs have just hatched. Get out of there!
Dragon's Nest (Hatching) Dragon's Nest (Hatching).gif These Dragon eggs are about to hatch. Better watch out!
Dragon's Nest Dragon's Nest.gif A dragon has lain her eggs in a nest. The mother is probably near, so stay alert!
Hidden Nest Hidden Nest.gif Part of the event Spring into Life. You can use it to get a Surprise Nest.

Looks the same as a Surprise Nest.

Insectoid Queen Insectoid Queen.gif Queens of all the hive. There are at least four of them.