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Update Teasers

  1. Spring Patch About to be Released


  • Dread Doll was implemented as FunTibia's item.
  • The winning submissions of the Royal Painting Contest were added to Thais and Carlin castles.
  • The inventory was updated with new graphics and new limitations.
    • The hand slots are now exclusively a weapon slot on the left and shield on the right.
    • The arrow slot now only allows ammunition and certain light sources.
  • The Server Log Channel shows new information such as damage healed, damage dealt and received by other players or monsters on screen, experience received by other players on screen, players joining/leaving private chat channels (this can be turned off by click on Options > Console > uncheck 'Show Status Messages in Console').
  • Implemented the You cannot use objects that fast. message if the player use an object more than 2 (?) times per second.
  • Time left for rings and boots have been improved, now you can see hours, minutes and seconds as well.
  • Creature HP bars are now all the same height above them.
  • The text color from exiva spell and chest quests were changed from green to white.
  • Male Knight Outfit received a new hair look.

Website Changes

  • On the Forum accounts that have never been premium can only post with a character of level 21 or higher.
  • Also all characters that can post can Report a post or a signature when logged in. This does not have an immediate effect, but will be reviewed by Customer Service, unless the character is a Senior Tutor.
  • The account page has been split into two pages showing account status and list of characters on the first, and account management information on the second.
    • The 'Overview' shows the account's status of free or premium, and when your premium will expire. Below this is a list of all the account's characters with name, vocation, level, world, and hidden/online status. To edit or delete the character, the row it is on must be clicked first (the row will appear in bold, and [edit] and [delete] will appear).
    • The 'Account Management' section has not changed except that the character list moved to the 'Overview' page.


New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Doll (Dread)
Doll (Dread)
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
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