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Update Teasers

  1. World Type Realignment and War System
  2. Character World Transfer and Further Changes

Additionally, a featured article was posted explaining in depth the new pvp types.


  • The War System was introduced, a way for guilds to have wars even in worlds without PvP enabled.
  • PvP types were renamed and received some adjustments.
  • Character World Transfers were added, allowing a player to transfer their character to a different world.
  • Characters can only leave Rookgaard at level 8 or 9.

The downtime of the servers was higher than usual, from 12:00 CET until 05:00 CET (next day), while the official news first said it would be until 23:00 CET and later until 02:00 CET and 04:00 CET. Remarkable is the test server client preceding this patch was 8.56 while the actual patch is 8.53.

PvP Types Realignment

  • Non-PvP is now called Optional PvP
    • You can no longer block other people, players can walk through you by tapping again your direction. This also applies to summons. Special tiles like the tiles in front of depots or next to quest or level doors do not apply to this.
    • When characters are stacked on the same tile, the very first character on the stack will always be on top of the stack, meaning that all attacks pointed on the tile on game window will affect this character. Area of effect attacks will affect all characters in the stack.
    • Characters on position 2 or lower on the stack won't be able to attack, loot or heal others anymore
    • Within the first 60 seconds after taking PvP damage from an opponent, war participants and their summons cannot be healed by other characters that are not involved in the war. The same applies to party buffs.
    • Players will be unable to paralyse others unless they are in war with them.
    • If these runes are used by a war participant, their known effects will only apply to his opponents but not to his own guild members or any uninvolved players. Wild growth can simply be passed by allies and uninvolved characters but, unlike magic walls, stay visible in the game window. Magic walls that were cast by a war participant collapse as soon as an own guild member or an uninvolved character walks across. Magic walls cast by an uninvolved character vanish upon contact with any other character.
    • To prevent players from abusing the war system for skill trainings, any weapon and shielding skills will not advance within the scope of the war system.
  • Normal PvP is now called Open PvP
    • As on Optional PvP, the very first character on a square will always be on top of a stack, any character that enters the stack afterwards will be sorted below. Attacks that are pointed towards a stack of characters (triggered by a click in the game window) will effect only the character on top of the stack. Area damages, in contrast, will effect the whole stack. Furthermore, characters that are deep inside a stack will not be able to perform any kind of aggressive act any more, neither against other characters nor against any kind of creatures.
    • Paralysing other characters results in a skull mark according to the rules of the skull system if you are playing on Open PvP.
  • PvP-Enforced is now called Hardcore PvP
    • Blessings and the amulet of loss will be available now and the experience gain for player killing will be removed.
    • The same stacking changes for Open PvP will apply.

Character World Transfers

This update introduced the ability for characters to change to another world. At the time the cost was EUR 19.15.

The following restrictions apply:

  • A character can only be transferred once within 6 months.
  • The character must not have a red or black skull.
  • Before doing a transfer, a character has give up its rented house, guild membership and marriage status.
  • All items in all the city depots will be deleted. There's a special depot in Travora to transfer items to the new world.
  • Its bank account, skills, spells and quest flags will be transferred together with the character.
  • A character may only be transferred to worlds of the same type or to worlds with more limited PvP possibilities: from Optional PvP only to Optional PvP, from Open PvP to Open PvP or Optional PvP, and from Hardcore PvP to all game worlds.
  • The character world transfer is available for both premium and free account players. In order to move to a premium game world, however, the account the character is assigned to has to be premium at the time of the transfer.
  • Some game worlds might be marked as "closed". In this case, a transfer to this world is not possible at the moment.
  • Characters must have a vocation, so characters on Rookgaard cannot be transferred. They have to leave for mainland first.

Additionally, there's some item restrictions:

  • A total of 1000 items can be transferred. This includes items in your inventory and Travora's depot box. Stacks count as as a single item.
  • Most items are limited to 1 unit per character. This includes all kinds of weapons, all kinds of armour, most equipment items as well as quest rewards and addon items. That means, a transferred character can only take along one pair of boots of haste, one magic plate armor, one Yalahari armor etc.
  • Stackable items that are needed for quests are usually limited to 100 units per character, including pieces of cloth, demonic essences etc.
  • General exceptions of this limitation are potions, runes, ammunition, any kinds of containers, medals, trophies, fansite items and some more. You can take along more than one of those.
  • When you prepare your character for the world transfer on Travora, NPC Sharon will help you with finding out which of your items are limited and which are not.

Note: These were the conditions when the feature was introduced. To see the current state, see Character World Transfer.

New Areas and Map Changes

Graphical Changes

  • Icons for people involved in a war (red, green, blue).


New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet.gif 5.20
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

New NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Captain Tiberius Captain Tiberius.gif Ship Captain Travora, on his ship.
Elgar Elgar.gif Banker
North-east on Travora.
Sharon Sharon.gif Informer Travora's ship.

New Objects

Name Walkable Notes
Glowing Switch (Activated) Glowing Switch (Activated).gif This is an activated Glowing Switch.
Glowing Switch Glowing Switch.gif Once a player enters this tile, it turns into Glowing Switch (Activated), becomes unwalkable until a player moves or leaves the game and looks like this: Glowing Switch (Activated).gif.

See also: Safely Stored Away .