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  • The death penalty was revised
  • Blessings can now reduce the probability of losing items.
  • A experience bonus was added for the first hour of stamina.
  • A new 2-second-delay for fighting after changing floor level, teleporting, traveling with NPCs, using levitate or getting kicked out of a house; Stairhopping without getting hit can not be done anymore.
  • Invisible creatures will really be invisible for bots. (It will be impossible to aim missile runes on the coordinate of an invisible creature.)
  • An experience counter is added in the client including:
    • experience points left for next level
    • calculates experience per hour (based on last 15 minutes)
    • indication how long it would take to reach the next level with exp/hour ratio
    • option to reset the experience counter

Death penalty and blessings

  • Level 1-24 will still lose 10% of their experience points.
  • From level 24 and above the experience and skill loss will slowly decrease. A character of level 50 will lose 1 level and from then on half a level more every 50 levels. This means, a character of level 100 will lose 1.5 levels, with level 150 character you will lose 2 levels and with a character of level 200 you will lose 2.5 levels and so on. So a character of level 180 will approximately lose 2.3 levels.-[Tibia.com]
  • Cost of blessings now depends on character level:
    • level 1-30 = 2,000 gp
    • level 31-119 = 2,000 gp + 200 gp for every additional level above 30
    • level 120+ = 20,000 gp
  • Blessings will reduce the experience loss with 8% (was 10% before).
  • Blessings will reduce probability of item and container (backpack) loss:
    • 1 blessing is 30%
    • 2 blessings is 55%
    • 3 blessings is 75%
    • 4 blessings is 90%
    • 5 blessings is 100% (no loss at all)
  • Amulet of Loss will not be removed from the game for the time being (as was previously stated). But the AOL will likely be removed at a later time, when further issues are resolved.
  • Phoenix Egg will still give 10% discount on The Spark of the Phoenix.
  • The Blessing of the Inquisition will still raise the price of the 5 blessings with 10%.


  • The stamina limit decreased from 56 to 42 hours.
  • The stamina regeneration changed to 1 minute stamina gained every 3 minutes logged off.
  • The stamina regeneration for hour 42 is 1 minute stamina for every 12 minutes logged off.
  • The stamina regeneration starts if you are logged off for 10 minutes, just like before.
  • Experience bonus of 50% within the first hour (hour 42), for Premium players.


New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Epaminondas Doll
Epaminondas Doll.gif
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Hand Puppets
Hand Puppets.gif
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
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