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  • NPC Trade window improvements:
    • Weight is now displayed in the NPC trade window.
    • Items that cannot be afforded are greyed out.
    • You can now buy items in backpacks.
  • When creating an account, you are now asked to choose an account name.

Website Changes

This update was announced along with some website changes. From this point, when creating an account, users would be asked to introduce an account name, compared to before, where an account number would be generated automatically.

Account names must meet the following requirements:

  • Your account name must consist of at least six characters but may not exceed 30 characters.
  • It may only consist of letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Please note, that it must contain at least one letter and no spaces or special characters. Account names are not case-sensitive, so it does not matter if you use upper or lower case.

Players that created an account before September 30, 2008, were offered a free account name change until January 31, 2009. They could also choose to keep their account number as their account name.

NPC Trade Window Improvements

  • When you say trade to a NPC, items now display how much they weigh in the text line.
  • When you say trade to a NPC, items that you cannot afford to buy will be written in a darker grey text colour. However items that you do have enough money to buy will be written in the normal grey text colour.
  • When you say trade to a NPC, items that you want to sell and wear in your inventory are highlighted and set to the amount you are carrying.
  • When you say trade to a NPC, you can buy items inside backpacks. Rightclick to choose the option and select the amount you want to buy. Afterwards press "Buy". To leave the "buy in backpack mode"-mode do another rightclick on the item list and turn it off. If you buy with backpacks each backpack costs 20 gp.


New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
CM Token
CM Token
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Missing File

New Bosses

Name Exp HP Loot
The Mutated Pumpkin
The Mutated Pumpkin
Missing File
30000 500000

New Documents

Name Type Description
The Rise of the Pumpkin (Book) Book (Black)Book (Brown)Book (Brown Square) Explains the creation of The Halloween Hare and The Mutated Pumpkin

Update Images

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