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New Questand Areas:
New Quests and Areas:

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This page

This page contains information about the next summer update, the one in 2008. The information is solely from official update teasers and CipSoft publishments. Do not add information from rumours or self-made predictions.

Update Teasers


The following changes will be made known so far:

  • Numerous new quests.
  • New look for Rookgaard, Darashia, the Femor Hills, the Amazon Camp and Kazordoon.
  • Improved interaction with NPCs.
  • The hunting areas in the Amazon Camp and the Orc Land will be enlarged.
  • A whole new underwater area will be added, along with new dwarf caves in Tiquanda and Cormaya, and a new dungeon in Thais, supposedly with Bats in it.
  • Kazordoon recieves a new transporting system, consisting of Ore Wagons that transport players between Depot, the shops, Temple, Steam Boat and Kazordoon's entrance.
  • Banuta's underground will be modified to include architectural elements that will reduce the probability of getting attacked by 8 creatures at the same time.

New Monsters


Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent 2300 1950 --/--

New Objects

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New Items

The items of the Unique Item Contest will be introduced, but will only be possible to get when winning one or another competition.

NPC Chat System

When talking with a NPC a new channel will open in which you privatly talk with him/her. This means more players at the same time can talk with NPCs.

Update Images

NPC Chat System:

Areas and Places:

New Quests and Areas:

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