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New Rules

The naming rules have undergone a major revision. link to the announcement

New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Great Spirit Potion
Great Spirit Potion
Missing File
Ultimate Health Potion
Ultimate Health Potion
Missing File

Changes to Current Potions

Normal Health Potion: 45 gp (before 50 gp)
Strong Health Potion: 100 gp (before 110 gp)
Great Health Potion: 190 gp (before 250 gp), average healing was reduced from 600 to 500)


Many creatures received boosts or decreases in HP, damage, speed, experience given and loot.

Blue Djinn: Exp changed from 190 to 215, more loot.
Green Djinn: Exp changed from 190 to 215, more loot.
Efreet: Exp changed from 300 to 325, more loot.
Marid: Exp changed from 300 to 325, more loot.
Blue Djinns and Green Djinns: Make you drunk less often and for less time.
Vampire: Exp changed from 290 to 305, Hp changed from 450 to 475, attack raised, runs on deep red HP. Also have very minor healing
Warlock: HP changed from 3200 to 3500, stronger.
Demon: Now have a haste spell, also can paralyze.
Heroes: Heal much less now.
Apes: Drop less gold now.
Giant Spider: Now have a strong missile attack and are stronger.
Water Elemental and Massive Water Elemental: Easier to kill with melee.
Frost Dragon Hatchling: More loot.
Bonebeast: New beam attack, a bit stronger hits. Its ranged attack has a chance of paralyzing.
Hydra: New ranged attack, similar to the exori frigo spell
Frost Dragon: Their Avalanche paralyzes now and they're weaker against physical.
Serpent Spawn: Exp changed from 2000 to 2350.

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