• House owners can now also use a bed's footboard to kick a sleeping character out. Moreover, beds can no longer be unwrapped in front of a depot locker.
  • Beds that are stacked on top of each other can no longer be used to sleep and offline train. The same applies to beds placed on door fields. Occupied bed pieces on door fields have been cleared of their human remains.
  • Beds can no longer be unwrapped on top of other impassable objects. Beds placed on such fields have been cleared and wrapped.
  • An issue that prevented a guildhall transfer from working properly in a specific, rare scenario, was fixed.
  • The rent of the house "Stonehome Village 3", which was raised to 80k by mistake, has been lowered to 50k again.
  • Urmahlullu has been adjusted to make the fight a bit more challenging. It cannot be cornered that easily anymore so be on your guard. Also, the participation during the whole fight is now taken into account for the distribution of XP and loot.


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