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Minor patch 10.77 was released on April 14, 2015, to implement some content fixes and changes.


  • Natural Born Cowboy: This achievement is now obtained by riding a mount. This achievement was not awarded to people who bought some promotional mount or rented a horse.
  • In Service of Yalahar Quest: You can no longer use the same items for the Searouts of Yalahar mission.
  • Houses: Wood Avenue 7 and Wood Avenue 8 had their eastern walls adjusted.
  • 56 creature outfits were changed, see their changed animations.
  • One Outfit and 3 new Mounts have been implemented
  • Other graphical fixes.

New Mounts

Name Taming method
Batcat Batcat Buying it on or via the Store.
Flitterkatzen Flitterkatzen Buying it on or via the Store.
Venompaw Venompaw Buying it on or via the Store.

New Outfits

Name Male Outfit Male Addons Female Outfit Female Addons Type Premium
Evoker Outfits Outfit Evoker Male Outfit Evoker Male Addon 3 Outfit Evoker Female Outfit Evoker Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
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