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Minor patch 10.76 was released on March 3, 2015, to implement some content fixes and changes.


  • The requirements to open the Dark Grounds in Roshamuul have been adjusted to make it easier to gain access to the area.
  • The spawn of Gaz'haragoth has been fixed. Gaz'haragoth did not spawn at all in the prison after his initial defeat on the central mountain.
    • Depending on the bug, this could mean Gaz'haragoth will spawn on all servers who have been waiting for his return for a long time. If not, it's possible that the world change simply wasn't in effect because e.g. Gaz'haragoth's last defeat was not recorded properly.
  • Wall decorations that became unreachable in 10.71, with the addition of guild depots, have been sent to the inbox of the guild leaders.
  • It is now possible to use Hotkeys in the Stand-Alone Client to equip your character. There is a fourth option of how to use the item in the hotkey dialogue.
    • If trying to equip something that is stackable and there isn't a full stack, it will search for more items in your inventory and equip them. That is, ammunition will be replenished if there is not a full stack of 100, or unequipped if there is a full stack of 100.
    • Some items behave differently than others. Attempting to equip a ring when one of the same type is still in effect will fail if the ring changes ID when being equipped. That is, if you equip a Ring of Healing, which changes IDs when worn to give that sparkle effect, attempting to equip another Ring of Healing while it is being worn will fail. It won't even unequip the current ring. However, to unequip the ring being worn, the worn ring can be assigned to an equip hotkey, which will unequip that ring. Note that Might Ring, for example, does not change item IDs when being equipped, so one cannot simply continuously press the hotkey to ensure one is always equipped; pressing the hotkey will unequip the might ring as it does usually.
    • Unlike other options, there is no feedback when trying to equip an item. If the equipping fails, it simply does nothing - no text will be displayed.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs were fixed, together with some typos
  • In addition, two new outfits were added to the client sprite files, which became available 18 days later on March 21, 2015 on tibia.com.

New Outfits

Name Male Outfit Male Addons Female Outfit Female Addons Type Premium
Puppeteer Outfits Outfit Puppeteer Male.gif Outfit Puppeteer Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Puppeteer Female.gif Outfit Puppeteer Female Addon 3.gif Special Outfits no
Spirit Caller Outfits Outfit Spirit Caller Male.gif Outfit Spirit Caller Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Spirit Caller Female.gif Outfit Spirit Caller Female Addon 3.gif Special Outfits no
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