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Update 10.74 was released on January 27, 2015, with the Loyalty System being the most notable change it brought.


  • The Loyalty System was introduced, designed to benefit Cipsoft's most loyal customers.
  • It is now possible on the Stand-Alone Client to "stay logged in for session" when using an authenticator. This means one token is now enough to be able to access multiple characters.
  • The reward room accessed after the Soothing Bad Dreams mission of the Roshamuul Quest can now be exited again via some northbound stairs.
  • NPC Wesley now reacts to the keywords help and machine to help players who are stuck on the Tending Gloothworms mission of the Oramond Quest.
  • Pythius the Rotten (Creature) can now be accessed as intended again.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs were fixed, together with some typos and NPC dialogues.
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