This is a list of Items and Objects which had their sprite changed during a patch, released on September 15, 2014.


The sprite changes feature 38 improved creature animations, mostly low level creatures and some frequently hunted creatures. The increase is mostly from 2 to 8 frames per animation. Furthermore 13 objects receive improved animation, mostly in line with the previous object sprite improvement, fields connected with elements.


Name Before After
Orc Orc (Old) Orc
Orc Shaman, Scar Tribe Shaman Orc Shaman (Old) Orc Shaman
Orc Berserker Orc Berserker (Old) Orc Berserker
Troll Troll (Old2) Troll
Ghoul Ghoul (Old) Ghoul
Rat Rat (Old) Rat
Cyclops, Juvenile Cyclops Cyclops (Old2) Cyclops
Minotaur Mage, Minotaur Occultist Minotaur Mage (Old) Minotaur Mage
Minotaur, Minotaur Bruiser Minotaur (Old2) Minotaur
Rotworm Rotworm (Old2) Rotworm
Sheep Sheep (Old) Sheep
Marsh Stalker, Meadow Strider Marsh Stalker (Old) Marsh Stalker
Skeleton, Lesser Death Minion, Party Skeleton and Undead Mine Worker 33 Skeleton (Old) Skeleton
Bug 45 Bug (Old2) Bug
Carrion Worm 192 Carrion Worm (Old) Carrion Worm
Tiger 125 Tiger (Old) Tiger
Cat 276 Cat (Old) Cat
Cave Rat, Munster 56 Cave Rat (Old) Cave Rat
Chicken, Berserker Chicken 111 Chicken (Old) Chicken
Deer, Doom Deer 31 Deer (Old) Deer
Dragon, Drasilla, Glitterscale and Grand Mother Foulscale 34 Dragon (Old) Dragon
*Dragon Lord, Demodras, Noble Pet of Chayenne 39 Dragon Lord (Old) Dragon Lord
Goblin, Muglex Clan Footman 61 Skeleton (Old) Skeleton
Poison Spider 36 Poison Spider (Old) Poison Spider
Salamander, Troll-Trained Salamander 529 Salamander (Old) Salamander
Seagull 223 Seagull (Old) Seagull
Silver Rabbit 262 Silver Rabbit (Old) Silver Rabbit
Spider 30 Spider (Old) Spider
Tiger 125 Tiger (Old) Tiger
Troll Champion 281 Troll Champion (Old) Troll Champion
Wasp 44 Wasp (Old2) Wasp
Wolf 27 Wolf (Old) Wolf
*Orc Spearman 50 Orc Spearman (Old) Orc Spearman
Pig 60 Pig (Old2) Pig
Carniphila 120 Carniphila (Old) Carniphila
Tarantula 219 Tarantula (Old) Tarantula
Wailing Widow 347 Wailing Widow (Old) Wailing Widow
Swampling, Woodling 535 Woodling (Old) Woodling
Emerald Damselfly, Dawnfly 528 Emerald Damselfly (Old) Emerald Damselfly


Name Before After
Energy Field (Field) Energy Field (Old Field) Energy Field (Field)
Large Crystal Teleporter Large Crystal Teleporter (Old) Large Crystal Teleporter
Lava Lava Tile (Old) Lava
Magic Wall Magic Wall Effect (Old) Magic Wall (Object)
Searing Fire 2137, 2138, 7359, 7465-7473, 9371, 12130, 12134, 19113 Searing Fire (Old) Searing Fire
Marble Fountain 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 Marble Fountain (Old) Marble Fountain
Fire (Neutral) 2131, 2132, 2133 Fire (Neutral) Fire (Neutral Medium) Fire (Neutral Small)
Poison Gas (Neutral) 2134 Poison Gas (Neutral)
Energy Field (Neutral) 2135 Energy Field (Neutral)
Magic Wall (Neutral) 10181 Magic Wall (Neutral)
Lava Fountain 11502-11505 Lava Fountain
Small Brook 18838-18841 Small Brook (Old) Small Brook Small Brook (18839) Small Brook (18840) Small Brook (18841)


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