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  • 3 new Outfits with addons became for sale on
This patch was not announced as a client patch. It is very likely the sprites were already added to the client with a previous update, like Updates/10.53.


New Outfits

Name Male Outfit Male Addons Female Outfit Female Addons Type Premium
Beastmaster Outfits Outfit Beastmaster Male Outfit Beastmaster Male Addon 3 Outfit Beastmaster Female Outfit Beastmaster Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Champion Outfits Outfit Champion Male Outfit Champion Male Addon 3 Outfit Champion Female Outfit Champion Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Conjurer Outfits Outfit Conjurer Male Outfit Conjurer Male Addon 3 Outfit Conjurer Female Outfit Conjurer Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
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