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Update Teasers

  1. Release of Redesigned Unjustified Kill System


  • Their Master's Voice:
    • The Mad Mage will now spawn randomly at one of three different locations in the dungeon. Also, CipSoft addressed an issue that allowed players to seal the area off for other characters until the next server save. The world change now gets reset to its initial slime stage if there is no character in the dungeon that has gobbled enough slime to face the mage. Moreover, CipSoft addressed an issue with reappearing slime even though players had managed to clean the whole area.
  • A couple of map issues and typos were fixed.
  • Open PvP worlds received a redesigned unjustified kill system, first announced here. This includes:
    • A PvP bar which shows your progress towards Red Skull or Black Skull, it can be turned on/off via Options --> Status --> Show PvP Frames.
    • The amount of frags has been reduced from 20 to 5 unjustified kills.
    • The display of PvP modes in your client has been slimmed down, you can toggle between simple and expert mode.
    • If you are standing in a stack, you are now able to attack any skulled character.


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