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The minor patch 10.52 was released on Aug 12, 2014 and was officially announced here and here.


  • Rise of Devovorga Event - Once 2nd stage is completed, 3rd stage will be initiated sometime between 8 and 14 hours after the next server save.
  • Devovorga's Nemesis - In order to get this achievement now, you only need to significantly contribute in the final fight with Devovorga.
  • Moohtant Cudgel - shielding modifier was removed and defence value has been raised by +1.
  • Their Master's Voice World Change has been fixed and slighlty modified - delay between monster waves has been removed.
  • Forbidden Fruit Task - If you lost any required item, you can reset the task by saying 'collect' to appropriate NPC.
  • Some map bugs, typos and minor graphical glitches were fixed.
  • Few erroneous or incomplete NPC texts were adjusted.
  • Black Knight Doll, official fansite item of has been added.
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