This is a list of Items and Objects which had their sprite changed during the second phase of the Summer Update 2014, released on July 22 with Updates/10.51.


A lot of Water (Tile) was replaced by Shallow Water, including all kinds of waves in different directions. The waves near beaches are a lot stronger now as well, other water edges were updated as well. A lot of fire related objects were changed. Some objects simply have a faster animation.


Name Before After
Swimming Swimming (Old) Swimming


Name Before After
Blessed Sceptre 7429 Blessed Sceptre (Old) Blessed Sceptre
Candle (Venore) 17415 Lit Candle (Old) Lit Candle (Venorean)
Candelabrum 2911, 2912, 2913 (and 2927) Candelabrum (Old) Lit Candelabrum
Chimney 7860, 7861 Chimney Chimney (Lit)
Cuckoo Clock 2660, 2661, 2662, 2663, 2664, 2668 Cuckoo Clock (Old) Cuckoo Clock
Dragon Statue (Item) 10212 Dragon Statue (Item Old) Dragon Statue (Item)
Energy Clerical Mace 806 Energy Clerical Mace (Old) Energy Clerical Mace
Energy Headchopper 804 Energy Headchopper (Old) Energy Headchopper
Energy Heroic Axe 803 Energy Heroic Axe (Old) Energy Heroic Axe
Energy Knight Axe 802 Energy Knight Axe (Old) Energy Knight Axe
Energy War Axe 805 Energy War Axe (Old) Energy War Axe
Worm 3492 Worm (Old) Worm
Yummy Gummy Worm 8177 Yummy Gummy Worm (Old) Yummy Gummy Worm


Name Before After
Bamboo Lamp 2117 Bamboo Lamp (Old) Bamboo Lamp
Bellow 7842 Bellow (Old) Bellow
Bubbles 5418 Bubbles (Old) Bubbles
Buoy 220 Buoy (Old) Buoy
Buoy Line 222 Buoy Line
Burning Skull 5020 Burning Skull
Burning Wall 5063, 232 Burning Wall Burning Wall (232)
Campfire 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Campfire (Old) Campfire Campfire (Medium) Campfire (Low) Unlit Campfire
Campfire (Pot) 2003 Campfire (Pot Old) Campfire (Pot)
Coal Basin 2110, 2111, 2112, 2113 Coal Basin Coal Basin 2110 Coal Basin 2111 Coal Basin 2112 Coal Basin 2113
Crucible 7813, 7814 Crucible (Old) Crucible
Dirty Water 12558-12563, 12700-12705 Dirty Water Tile (Old) Dirty Water
Door (Sealed) 5122, 5123 Door (Sealed Old) Door (Sealed)
Dragon Flag 2018 Dragon Flag (Old) Dragon Flag
Electric Sparks 5070 Electric Sparks (Old) Electric Sparks
Energy Fence 5073,5072,5071 Energy Fence
Fire 2118-2120, 2123-2125 Fire (Old) Fire
Fire Basin 9043 Fire Basin (Old) Fire Basin
Flag of Tibia 2020 Flag of Tibia (Old) Flag of Tibia
Fountain 1922-1925 Fountain (Old) Fountain
Glowing Skull Pillar 7058, 7059 Glowing Skull Pillar (Old) Glowing Skull Pillar
Glowing Switch 10145 Glowing Switch (Old) Glowing SwitchGlowing Switch (Activated)
Ice Shrine 150, 151, 152, 153 Ice Shrine (Old) Ice Shrine
Kelp 5420 Kelp (Old) Kelp
Large Candelabrum 8523 Large Candelabrum (Old) Large Candelabrum
Large Cauldron 2008-2011 Large Cauldron (Old) Large Cauldron (Water)
Coral (Large) 5412 Coral (Large Old) Coral (Large)
Large Totem Pole 2300 Large Totem Pole (Old) Large Totem Pole (Hands)
Lit Torch Bearer 2928, 2929 Lit Torch Bearer (Old) Lit Torch Bearer
Lit Torch Bearer (Metal) 2941 Lit Torch Bearer (Metal) (Old) Lit Torch Bearer (Metal)
Lit Wall Lamp (Regular) 2909, 2910 Lit Wall Lamp (Old) Lit Wall Lamp (Regular)
Lit Wall Lamp (Dragon) 10057 Lit Wall Lamp (Dragon) (Old) Lit Wall Lamp (Dragon)
Lit Wall Lamp (Energy) 8929 Lit Wall Lamp (Energy) (Old) Lit Wall Lamp (Energy)
Lit Wall Lamp (Pink) 8925 Lit Wall Lamp (Pink) (Old) Lit Wall Lamp (Pink)
Millstone 1943-1946 Millstone (Old) Millstone
Mould 7815, 7817 Mould (Old) Mould
Mystic Flame 775, 1959 Mystic Flame (Old) Mystic Flame
Magic Forcefield 1949, 5022, 5023 Magic Forcefield (Old) Magic Forcefield
Mysterious Machine 846-849, 8066 Mysterious Machine (Old) Mysterious Machine (Activated)
Ocean Floor 5404-5409 Ocean Floor Tile (Old) Ocean Floor
Oven 2535 Oven (Old) Oven (Lit)
Poison Gas 2121, 2127 Poison Gas (Old) Poison Gas
Sea Anemone 5417 Sea Anemone (Old) Sea Anemone
Seashell 196 Seashell (Old) Seashell
Shallow Water 622, 629-634, 4597-4602, 4609-4614, 4809-4814 Shallow Water Tile (Old) Shallow Water Shallow Water Tile (630) Shallow Water Tile (631) Shallow Water Tile (632) Shallow Water Tile (633) Shallow Water Tile (634)
Shark Fin 5704 Shark Fin
Slime Drop (?) 20959 Slime Drop
Slime Slide 21046-21049 Slime Slide
Slime (Object) Slime (Object)
Small Fish 5553 Small Fish
Small Snake Head 5057, 5058 Small Snake Head (Old) Small Snake Head (Activated)
Smoke 2136 Smoke (Old) Smoke
Steaming Hot Lava 7821, 7840, 7823, 7844 Steaming Hot Lava (Old) Steaming Hot Lava
Strange Machine 8987 Strange Machine (Activated)
Strange Apparatus 8970, 8975 Strange Apparatus (Coils Activated)Strange Apparatus (Electrodes Activated)
Street Lamp 2109 Street Lamp (Old) Street Lamp (Gas Lit)
Swamp 4738, 4744 (4874-4880) Swamp Tile (Old) Swamp
Treasure Chest 5674 Treasure Chest (Overfilled) (Old) Treasure Chest (Overfilled)
Turtle 5755-5761 Turtle (Old) Turtle
Water Vortex 7804 Water Vortex (Old) Water Vortex
Water Wheel 1941, 1942, 5423 Water Wheel (Sinking) (Old) Water Wheel
Waterfall 1716-1721 Waterfall (Old) Waterfall
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