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  • New Buy Premium button, on both clients. This button will open the web browser and navigate to this page, which directs the player through the process of purchasing premium. Free accounts that have never been premium cannot hide the Get Premium button. The button cannot be moved but if a free account player attempts to disable it, the button will glow green.
  • New Premium Features widget. Opening this widget also adds the Buy Premium button, but they are separate widgets. Open it by pressing the Get Premium crown next to the Purse.
  • Frozen Starlight: using this item when Yakchal has been killed in the last 4 hours will now produce a message.
  • Cluster of Solace: now has a restriction of 1 stack (100 clusters).
  • Reward Chest: Tanjis, Obujos and Jaul now use the new loot system. Players can now only open 1 reward chest each time they complete the coral mine mission. Note that the news article incorrectly states that chest rewards haven't changed. CipSoft meant with this that you can still obtain a reward for killing a boss.
  • Druid Outfits: an issue was fixed.
  • The Lair, Lost Cavern: some of the walls can now be decorated.
  • Dream Warden Outfits: turning in the claw will now give you the correct addon.
  • Robson: now sells Labels.
  • Some map bugs were fixed.


  • Some people believe the Buy Premium button to be very intrusive because it lacks the ability to be moved around freely. You can, however, move things to its place to push it up (stand-alone client). Free accounts cannot hide it, which could indicate it's not meant as a feature so much as an annoyance to non-paying players.
  • It is no longer possible to predict when Yakchal can be killed again.
  • CipSoft changed the deepling reward system supposedly to fix the commonly exploited weakness whereby players could obtain up to all 3 chest rewards each week. They stated this is how it was originally designed. However, some people believe there are significant flaws with this change:
    • Servers are already saturated with deepling boss loot, reducing the value of killing them. The addon items however, are still quite rare and were the sole reason some players killed bosses.
    • It seems this new reward system is not designed for parties but for individuals. It is impossible to tell what was obtained by another player under the new system, and this could encourage deceit among teams.
    • The new reward system applies participation to everyone who is hit. The only way to check the daily boss is to try entering their lair. Players who check a deepling boss risk losing access to the deepling boss before they have a chance to kill it if a team kills it after they check. The reward system even works on offline characters, so there is no way around this flaw.


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