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  • Loot of Demons and Hellhounds was adjusted.
  • Blocked summons cannot be used any longer to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • An issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Some minor technical PVP issues were addressed.
  • Some of the NPCs were edited concerning their new icons.
  • Some map issues have been fixed.
  • The content for Chyllfroest Mini World Change was added to the game data. It was announced later on March 21st 2014.

New Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward Implemented
Chyllfroest Mini World Change 0 25 Chyllfroest Ability to obtain a Ursagrodon. 10.37
Tinder Box Quest 0 25 Chyllfroest. Tinder Box. 10.37

New Mini World Changes

Name Rec. Level Prem Location Reward
Chyllfroest Mini World Change 25 Chyllfroest Ability to obtain a Ursagrodon.

New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Fireproof Horn
Fireproof Horn.gif
Missing File
Melting Horn
Melting Horn.gif
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Tinder Box
Tinder Box.gif
Missing File
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

New Mounts

Name Taming method
Ursagrodon Ursagrodon.gif Use a Melting Horn on a Half-Frozen Ursagrodon.

New Objects

Name Walkable Notes
Frozen Ursagrodon
Frozen Ursagrodon.gif
Missing File
It is a Ursagrodon frozen in ice. Recovers after 10 minutes. You can find it 8 times, and it will always be faced east. Successfully use a Melting Horn on it three consecutive times to tame a Ursagrodon.

New Hunting Places

Name City
Knight Level
Knight Attack Knight Shielding Pally Level Pally Distance Pally Shielding Mage Level Location Rating   Exp Rating   Loot
Chyllfroest Svargrond ? ? ? West of Svargrond, here.
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