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  • NPC Speech Bubbles were implemented, which can be used to identify their purpose.
  • NPCs will now say all their dialog regarding a keyword at once.
  • Addressed a small issue with the Mend Broken Dreams quest on Roshamuul. It is not possible anymore to release more than 3 butterflies during one mission.
  • Eruaran now hands out the right addons when asking him for the mask and the claw.
  • Dream matter will now be removed correctly during the Umbral Creation process of Crude Umbral Axes at Eruaran.
  • The World Change Thornfire works again as intended. It is now possible to change the status of this world change again by extinguishing enough fire.
  • It is not possible any longer to use dice on Depot Lockers and the Counter between the them.
  • Some map issues have been fixed as well.
  • It should not be possible any longer to use blocked summons in PVP to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • Another issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in Dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Addressed some minor technical PVP issues.


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