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  • The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest - Task "The Innards Value": If you lose your full storage flask before returning it to Omrabas, you can now start the task anew by using the keyword "lost" when talking to him. Please note that this only works if you do not carry an empty storage flask with you.
  • The Snow Globe can now be used as a light source.
  • Ruprecht now correctly offers Christmas Cookie Trays and Snowflake Tapestries as a reward if a player has the required number of Christmas Tokens.
  • Sandomo's answers to the keyword "book" and his greeting were adjusted to provide better comprehensibility concerning the earning of inquisition gold.
  • Sebastian now teleports you away from his boat if you say "kick" to him.
  • The stats of the Umbral Master Spellbook were adjusted as announced on the winter update test board: Def 20; ML +4; earth, energy, fire, ice prot. 5%; 30 oz; lvl 250.
  • Noodles is Gone Mini World Change: The message for the mini world change on the world board in the Adventurers' Guild was adjusted to avoid confusion.
  • The orc raid in Thais was relocated to the North to prevent orcs from spawning in an inaccessible area.
  • The Explorer Society Quest - Mission "The Ectoplasm": You can now buy a new Ectoplasm Container from Angus and Mortimer in case of loss.
  • We addressed a PvP issue that made it possible to receive a white skull without a protection zone block.
  • Quite a number of map bugs and typos were fixed.
  • Flash Client: Closing the options menu no longer closes opened container widgets.
  • Flash Client: Dragging and dropping an item into a container slot is not cancelled anymore if you drop it onto the separator between two slots. The item now gets placed into a container slot nonetheless.


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