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Update Teasers

  1. Downtime Due to Technical Maintenance


In this patch, the network infrastructure was changed. Previously the servers were located in United Kingdom and United States, hosted by Internap. With this patch, the provider was changed to This is a temporary solution, because it will take a few weeks to get Prolexic set up.


The login process has not changed: you still connect to the login server on port 7171, however the login server will direct you to a different service now, and you will connect on various ports in the 10000-20000 range. Amazon's web service has servers all over the world, the login server will direct you to the server with the lowest latency. Some players have experienced less lag since the update and some have experienced more. In particular, players who previously relied on a proxy server to reroute the data have experienced higher latencies, while other players have experienced lower.

This is one of the ways CipSoft is countering the ongoing denial of service attacks. It is effective because there are simply too many servers to attack for a full outage. However, the notable case of players DoSing a specific server because of in-game feuds still exists - just that players outside that geographical region will not experience it.


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