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  • Optional PvP
    • An issue that prevented players from aiming runes at squares on which another character was standing has been fixed. This means it will be possible again to aim runes on other characters.
    • Magic Walls and Wild Growth plants will vanish if a character walks into them. However, if they are cast by a guild war participant, their blocking effects will apply to his war opponents. Magic walls or wild growth plants that were cast by a war participant will vanish if somebody who is not a war opponent of the casting character walks into them.
    • Characters will not be able to attack their own summons anymore. Also, it will not be possible anymore to get damaged by your own summons.
  • Open PvP
    • All area attacks will reach characters that are standing inside a magic wall or wild growth with all consequences.
    • An issue that activated the red fist mode on Open PvP if a player was online on a Hardcore PvP world before switching to a character on an Open PvP world has been fixed. When logging in on an Open PvP character, the default setting will be Secure Mode ON and Dove Mode On.
  • Hardcore PvP
    • There will be no attack or damage restrictions anymore for characters standing in a stack. This means that any character in a stack can deal and receive damage.
    • Snap-backs will no longer occur when bumping into other characters.


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