This page's main purpose is to serve as an index for images that have not been used or found in game. Once they turn up ingame these images can easily be added by picking them from this list. Alternatively, this page serves as a list of items that might be gotten ingame, and which might be interresting to look for.

These are not necessarily the actual names of these items; if and when the actual item is found copy the image and re-upload it with the correct name, then create an item page for it and remove it from this list.

Please do not remove sprites without making their corresponding item / creature page.

List of Sprites

Sprite Description
Guido Once rumoured to be a rare Guido Doll which was said to be looted from surprise bags, this rumour was proven false.
32px Once rumoured to be a Big Fish, no proof of this item existing has been found. In the 2007 summer update teasers you can see a fish, which looks like this sprite, hanging. CIP also said that new species of fish live in the north, so perhaps they will be catchable after the update.
32px Possible addon item from Juggernaut boss. Possibly in Apocalypse's Throneroom in the Pits of Inferno.
32px Using the same sprite as Magic Sulphur this item might later be used for addons.
32px Using the same sprite Magic Sulphur this item might later be used for addons.
32px Rumored to be Spider Chain Mail, looted from the Old Widow. This has proven to be false.
32px This could be the new graphic for Twigs.
Oil Lamp Although similiar to the Gemmed Lamp this item was never found in the Djinn fortresses.
32px Looks like a cloak.
Eagle Shield This shield seems to have a hawk or eagle on it.
32px Looks like a amulet.
4643 Looks like a simple Axe Weapon.
32px Looks like Dwarven Legs.
32px Once rumoured to be studded or hunter Boots. They have also been called traper boots. These boots are yet to be seen ingame.
32px Look like Spider Chain Legs or Dragon Scale Legs.
32px This Vase comes in several colors (Yellow, White, Blue, Green).
32px A hoax was once started saying this was an Armor looted from the Old Widow, this was proven to be false.
32px Looks like a simple Axe Weapon. It was rummored to be Lizard Templar loot, but this item has not been seen in-game yet. Some say this might be loot from Ashmunrah.
Bear Doll Seems to be some sort of stuffed sheep or other stuffed-animal.
32px Looks like an Abbacus.
14104 A large book or tome. It's also used on the Tibia homepage as symbol for the library.
32px Looks like someones heart.
32px Looks like a Birthday Card.
32px Looks like a new Book.
32px Looks like a new Rope. It looks longer than current one, so it may be used to climb in places where you can't climb with normal rope. A normal rope is Rope.
Small Rope Looks like a small Rope.
Slingshot Looks like a Slingshot. Rumors says that it can shoot stones like a bow can shoot arrows, but with more accuracy. Other rumors says that it is going to be a starter weapon for Paladins.

32px Although it is a butterfly, the yellow version has not been seen ingame.
11797 Seems to be some sort of ice version of a Demon His skin looks like a Tempest Shield. Might be included in the 2007 summer update.
64px Once rumoured to be one of the Furys forms, this sprite has not been seen ingame yet. Looks like a Hellfire Fighter without armor, with a slightly darker color.
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