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Unsupported Tibia fan sites are websites developed by people dedicated to Tibia, that often help people find the information they need in their own language, or in english, usually with additional resources in comparison to the Tibia official homepage. Fansites are either promoted, supported or unsupported. These sites are NOT officially supported by CipSoft, and while it is no longer against the Tibia Rules to link to them on the official forums or in-game you could be banished if the site promotes violating the Tibia Rules.

Unsupported Tibia Fansites

Site Name Logo URL Language(s) Item Description
Asteran News Blog English
Cateroide Cateroide Portuguese Cateroide's Doll Erignet English Abacus
Exhiti Exhiti English Imortus Experience statistics from players
FotoTibia Fototibiacom Portuguese and English Scroll of the Stolen Moment A photolog-like fansite where you can share your Tibia pictures and real-life photos and also read the latest Tibia News.
Homepage of Pskonejott English Has an online-time tracker to help identify unfair players. Huntedpl Polish Tibia's bulletin! The freshest information, all in Polish! Come in and see what happens on Your World currently!
Lootpic Lootpic English and Polish A great site for those with life threads or an interest in their loot statistics.
MyTibia English Mytibiaeu English and Polish? Fansite with calculators and some other stuff
OllyxPic OllyxPic English Fansite with Tibian tools and calculators.
RadioGoroma RadioGoroma Portuguese Goromaphone
RadioTibia Radiotibia Portuguese Old Radio Rookiepl Polish, English Noble Sword
The Cobalt Tower English A collection of old pictures and other information from early Tibia history
Tibia-Market Tibia-Market English Dragon Eye A place to auction, sell or trade your items, cash and houses.
Tibia-Wiki Tibiawikinet Polish Bag of Oriental Spices Polish
TibiaBariloche TibiaBariloche logo Spanish and English Doll of Durin The Almighty
TibiaBr Tibiabrcom Portuguese Golden Falcon
TibiaBrasileiros TibiaBrasileiros Portuguese Assassin Doll
TibiaCz Tibiaczcom Czech/Slovak Key of Numerous Locks
TibiaChile Chilean
TibiaCubix TibiaCubix English Have you ever wanted to bring some Tibia monsters into the real world? Now it is possible with TibiaCubix. logo English, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, German Phoenix Statue A fansite for the MMORPG called Tibia.
TibiaGerman German New german Fansite.
TibiaGuias TibiaGuias Portuguese Little Adventurer Doll
TibiaHispano Tibiahispanocom Spanish TibiaHispano Emblem
TibiaHof Tibiahof English, Swedish Jade Amulet
TibiaHumor English
TibiaJourney TibiaJourney English Draken Doll An English fansite with some useful guides and regular news.
TibiaLatino Spanish An Unsupported Fansite from Latino America
TibiaLibrary TibiaLibrary English Bookworm Doll
TibiaML Tibiaml English Pigeon Trophy Light version of old TibiaML.
TibiaMx Tibiamxcommx Spanish The Mexcalibur
TibiaNews Tibianewsnet English Golden Newspaper
TibiaNordic Tibianordiccom English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Norseman Doll
TibiaQuotes Tibiaquotesnet English and Polish
TibiaSpace Tibiaspace Multilingual Music Box (TibiaSpace) Fansite for the core Tibia Community
TibiaSpy Tibiaspy Polish and English Orc's Jaw Shredder
TibiaStat TibiaStat English Mathmaster Shield Fansite with tibian statistics
TibiaStats Tibiastatsorg English
TibiaSverige Swedish Swedish fansite
TibiaTR Tibiatr Turkish & English Frozen Heart A fansite mainly for Turkish community. They also offer English in their forum.
TibiaTactics Tibia Tactics logo English Hunting guides for all levels and vocations, each complete with screen shots, readings, and CAMS.
TibiaTome TibiaTome English Loremaster Doll
TibiaVenezuela TibiaVenezuela Logo Spanish Dragon Goblet Fansite for Venezuelans and Spanish speaking Tibia players.
TibiaRP TibiaRP Logo English Hand Puppets Fansite for roleplaying, events, content and humour.
Tibiabazar English English
Tibiacast Tibiacastlogo English A fansite to watch others play and broadcast yourself.
Tibiacity Tibiacityorg English Tibiacity Encyclopedia
Tibiaent Tibiaentcom English
Tibiafriends Tibiafriendscom English Friendship Amulet English
Tibiascoop English
World of Rookgaard RookGaard English
World of Tibia German and English Old fansite with active forum.
World of Tibia.RU Worldoftibiaru Russian Biggest on Russia fan-site.

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