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We have to find a better way to resupply us. The smugglers are unreliable and it takes far too long until an order of goods even gets into their hands. Let alone how long it takes until they finally deliver it here. I am aware that a supply route via land is no option but there has to be some magical way to keep up our contact with the smugglers. However, they must be severely controlled by a handful of specialists with some skill in 'convincing'. I am aware of the smugglers' usefulness and their role in our plans, but their unreliability is a constant threat to us. Of course they have no idea what we are doing here but they are curious and would sell their own grandmother for a mug of ale. Perhaps we could simply replace them with more trustworthy followers. Not all are that suitable as asassins or agitators but all of them are able to follow orders and how difficult can it be to do some smuggling. Yet, the superiors insist that their contacts are needed. Although nothing like this was mentioned, I am sure that they serve as a connection to certain pirates but I have not the slightest idea what their role in the big plan could be.

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