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The name Unitera may be derived from the Latin word 'uniter', which means 'bound to one'.

The First


  • Orshabaal - Orshabaal has visited 3 times.
    • 1st visit. Unitera was unable to slay the boss. Over 400 characters died trying to defeat Orshabaal.
    • 2nd visit. Orshabaal was blocked by Raynex and killed by a large team. The loot was an Orshabaal's Brain.
    • 3rd visit. The boss lasted just 10 seconds and the best loot was a Magic Plate Armor.



  • Prices in quest services as Wrath of the Emperor, Pits of Inferno (full quest), The Inquisition, and In Service of Yalahar are pretty cheap.
  • Players cannot attack you.
  • Large English speaking community, Large amount of character support
  • Friendly game oriented guilds


  • A lot of thieves/botters since it's Non-PvP.
  • Soft boots are really expensive (380k-450k)
  • Difficult to sell some items.
  • Very popular server to play on, so Free Account players will find themselves on waiting lists at all but the most inactive server times.

Additional Info

  • The maximum on this game world was 1052 players on May 28, 2009, 01:30:30 CEST.
  • War happened between the guilds Axis vs Unbeatable combination of different guilds Royal Arkanys Gods, where Unbeteable won 43:17
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