The Underground Glooth Factory is a the modern Glooth Factory build under Oramond to replace the old and abandoned one. Although it is directly below the old Glooth Factory there is no connection between the two. You enter the Underground Glooth Factory via the Slime Slide in the Workshop Quarter, the building east of the stairs to Upper Rathleton, here.

The Oramond Factory Raids also take place here on the second floor, see its article for more details about each raid. Jaccus Maxxen's Dungeon can be accessed on the third floor of the Underground Glooth Factory.

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To use the Slime Slide leading into the Underground Glooth Factory, you must have at least the rank of Citizen in the Rathleton Quest (300 votes cast).

The following quests take place in this area:

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Underground Glooth Factory NPCs (13 NPCs)
DregorDregor.gifGuardBottom of the Underground Glooth Factory
Drystan WildweedDrystan Wildweed.gifDruidFar east inside the Underground Glooth Factory.
EatharEathar.gifGuardUnderground Glooth Factory
ElbertElbert.gifScientistTo the south inside the Underground Glooth Factory
Georgia RainbirdGeorgia Rainbird.gifScientistUnderground Glooth Factory
HexelHexel.gifForemanUnderground Glooth Factory
JosselJossel.gifGuardUnderground Glooth Factory
KlesarKlesar.gifScientistUnderground Glooth Factory
KromrekKromrek.gifGuardUnderground Glooth Factory
NormodNormod.gifWorkerUnderground Glooth Factory
PereminPeremin.gifWorkerUnderground Glooth Factory
Strange PipeStrange Pipe.gifGuardUnderground Glooth Factory
WesleyWesley.gifFarmerNorth-east in the Underground Glooth Factory


NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Glooth Blob.gif
Glooth Blob
700750462 (290 Physical Damage, 172 Earth Damage) + 880 Summons
Rot Elemental.gif
Rot Elemental
750850564 (120 Physical Damage, 444 Earth Damage)
Bog Raider.gif
Bog Raider
8001300619 (365 Physical Damage, 114 Earth Damage, 140 Life Drain)
Metal Gargoyle.gif
Metal Gargoyle
Glooth Brigand.gif
Glooth Brigand
19002400~500 Physical Damage
Glooth Bandit.gif
Glooth Bandit
20002600~500 Physical Damage
Glooth Anemone.gif
Glooth Anemone
17552400512+ (327+ Physical Damage, 185 Life Drain) + 880 Summons
21002350995 (270 Physical Damage, 405 Ice Damage, 320 Earth Damage)
Glooth Golem.gif
Glooth Golem
160627001176+ (931+ Physical Damage, 245 Energy Damage)
Rustheap Golem.gif
Rustheap Golem


Main article: Oramond Factory Raids

There are random raids that occur on the second floor of the Underground Glooth Factory. For information on the raids, see the main article Oramond Factory Raids.