Since Winter Update 2007 each vocation of mage can use ultimate spells. Since Winter Update 2008 each vocation of fighter can also use them. While mage spells are high level wide area spells of elemental damage, fighter spells are skill augmenting spells. Sorcerers can master energy and fire, while Druids can master ice and earth. Knights can boost their melee skills or shielding, while Paladins can achieve better accuracy or run faster. Those spells are so powerfull that no human is able to use both of them at the same time, but they can be switched for 500 gps fee by Zoltan at Edron.

Sorcerers can master:

Druids can master:

Knights can learn:

  • Blood Rage - major boost of melee skills at cost of defense
  • Protector - immense boost of shielding at cost of fighting

Paladins can learn:

  • Sharpshooter - sneak and hit a dragon from 7 sqm, but don't count on quick retreat
  • Swift Foot - you can outrun a crossbow's bolt, but cannot attack
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