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Ultimate Explosion.gif
Ultimate Explosion
exevo gran mas vis


Physical Damage Icon.gif Makes a big explosion around the caster.


This spell dealt a lot of damage over a large area surrounding the caster. This spell was dangerous in PvP worlds, because it had such a large area of effect and could easily lead to a Red Skull or a Banishment. Caused damage on a total of 73 squares (including the one character is standing on).

Depending upon the caster's Magic Level and Level, this spell could kill strong creatures in one strike.

This spell was replaced by Hell's Core and Rage of the Skies spells in the Winter Update 2007.

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One of the older spells, back in the days you could get it by using the corresponding spell scroll. It only required 800 mana to cast until the Winter Update 2005. It was the most powerful spell until the Winter Update 2007.

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