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Concerning your suggestion to train our agitators at a different place to ensure your safety: We have discussed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that it would be inefficient in the current state of the project. If we spread our risk, we would also spread our resources. The agitators, as you call them, are only useful if also trained as assassins. It is more useful to pick some promising students and teach them elocution and manipulation. If someone proves unsuitable, we can simply put him back into normal training. If we had two bases, the risk that possible captives know about them both is high enough to diminish the advantage of another base to zero. Rest assured that we are aware of the danger of the base being assaulted. You know that in such a case it is your job to destroy anything that could point to us and escape on your own. Those whose training was good enough to be of any value for us will be able to escape on their own and will be contacted and informed at places that were allotted to them for cases of emergeny.

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