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Aliases Shimmer Swimmer Quest
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Level 0
(20 recommended)
Classification World Change
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


Lake Equivocolao is the only known home to the Shimmer Swimmer, but they only appear when the lake is filthy.


Lake Equivocolao in Tiquanda, north of Port Hope.


Potential to catch Shimmer Swimmer, Biodegradable achievement.

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North of Tiquanda, the mysterious Lake Equivocolao, here is known to attract a strange fish called "Shimmer Swimmer". This fish loves extremely murky waters and can only be found in the lake if it is really dirty. Dumping corpses into lake will certainly do the trick, and once a certain amount of contamination is reached, the lake will turn into a brown and dirty soup, and there is a chance to catch a shimmer swimmer when fishing there.

The exact number of corpses is 800, cumulative on server.

Shimmer Swimmer

If a certain number of shimmer swimmers has been caught, though, the lake will become clean again. Will you be lucky enough to catch the rare fish? Rumour has it that it miraculously transforms into a piece of equipment, for example, if used with certain items. (See Shimmer Swimmer)


Go to Port Hope, north from the temple and depot to Lake Equivocolao, here. You will encounter many jungle creatures such as Swamp Trolls, Slimes, Terror Birds and Filth Toads. There you will find Yawno, the fisherman who is trying to fish in the lake with no luck, that he almost fell asleep.

State of the Lake


The lake will look like this after the next server save, if contaminated successfully.

If the lake is clear and blue you must dispose a large amount of corpses into the lake in order to attract the fish. Ask Yawno about the fish and he will tell you if state of the lake is sufficient enough for the fish to live in. If enough corpses are dumped into the lake, it will turn dirty by the next day and the Shimmer Swimmer will apear in the lake and you might be able to catch one!

If the lake is clean:

Player: hi
Yawno: Mmhmn... eh? Ahm, so what is it... *yawn* Ya here for the fish, too? Or are you just here for some... *yawn* news?
Player: fish
Yawno: Well, just between the two of us - the lake is still crystal clear right now. Ya know, it's TOO CLEAN. That ain't attract no shimmer swimmer, it doesn't. ...
Yawno: The lake needs to be dirtier, filthier, murkier yupp. An' I bet ya don't know the secret, eh? How to get it real dirty? Corpses. Loads of corpses. Piles of 'em. Throw 'em into the water, eh. You'll see.

If the lake is about to get dirty:

Player: fish
Yawno: Hmmmgh.... fhsh... what? WHAT? It becomes dirty! All will be dirty! Yes! That's enough! That... that surely... *yawn*... surely will attract the shimmer swimmer... but... I need to rest... at first. To be ready... when ...
Yawno: ...oh but be careful!

If the lake is dirty:

Player: fish
Yawno: Hmmnfgfhsh... eh - WHAT!! FISH? Where!! Did ya see it? Did ya see a shimmer swimmer? This lake ya know, is the one an' only place in the whole world of Tibia where ya can find one!


  • Each character can fish only 1 Shimmer Swimmer every 20 hours.
  • You can keep the lake water murky if enough bodies are thrown into it, number still unknown.
  • When you have thrown enough bodies in the lake, Yawno will say: "Hmmmgh.... fhsh... what? WHAT? It becomes dirty! All will be dirty! Yes! That's enough! That... that surely... *yawn*... surely will attract the shimmer swimmer... but... I need to rest... at first. To be ready... when ..."
  • When the lake hasn't had enough bodies he will say the lake is "too clean".
  • If you ask a guide about Twisted Waters he/she will tell you:
    • If there are not enough corpses in the lake: "The great lake near Port Hope is clean."
    • If there are enough corpses in the lake: "Corpses are piling up in the great lake near Port Hope and the water is about to become dirty".
    • If the lake is dirty right now (i.e. enough corpses deposited yesterday): "The great lake near Port Hope is dirty. Shimmer swimmers can be seen under the surface."
  • You will receive the Biodegradable achievement after fishing 50 Shimmer Swimmers.
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