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The Tutor Test is a extensive test over the Tibia Rules and guides that players have to take in order to become a Tutor. Only if you pass the test without a mistake, you will be appointed as a Tutor.


To be eligible to take the tutor test you must fulfill all of these conditions:

  • Must have played Tibia for at least 3 months.
  • One character must be over level 20.
  • Your Criminal Record must be 100% clean.
  • Your account must be registered.
  • Must have had a Premium Account at least once.
  • Must not have ever been dishonourably dismissed as a Tutor before.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the game and rules.
  • Must not have failed the tutor exam on the last 2 months.


Although it isn't a requirement, CIP recommends that before doing the Tutor Test, players first read the following manuals as they hold all the answers:


The test itself is built from 20 randomly chosen questions for which the player has 45 minutes of time to finish. The test can't be interrupted, so once the timer started, the player has to finish the test.

If the player answered all the questions right, the following step (Tutor Agreement) is shown. If not all the questions were answered correctly, one of the faults is shown, even if more faults were made. The player then can't apply to become a Tutor for 2 months.


Although the rules don't clearly show that cheating the Tutor Test is illegal, it doesn't show good character of the tutor and will be dishonorably discharged.

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