Tutors are experienced players who take on additional, voluntary responsibilities in-game and on the Tibia forums. They are expected to know the Tibia Rules and have knowledge of how the game is played.


The primary duty of the tutor is to answer questions relating to these subjects in Help Channel and on the Support boards. Because of this, answers by Tutors and other support members will appear in orange text in the Help Channel. Unlike other support members such as Customer Support members, being a Tutor is not an official position and it may be removed by CipSoft at any time and no benefits are given because of the Tutor position.
Additional duties include assisting Customer Support in finding and reporting bugs in an everyday capacity as well as in internal Test Servers. Before Spring of 2010, Tutors had the additional duty of reporting names that violated the Tibia Rules to Customer Support for evaluation. Now, however, all players may report names.
Tutors are guided by the Head Tutor, who keeps them informed of guidelines and standards they should follow when performing their duties. They can find out this information on the internal Tutor Board, which they should check regularly. As well Tutors have access to a Tutor Fun Board and the Tutor Channel where they can discuss in-game with other Tutors or higher positions.


To become a Tutor, a player's account must have:

  • played Tibia for at least three months
  • At least one character that is level 20 or higher
  • Not have a banishment entry on their Criminal Record
  • Received 40 Thank you!'s in the last 90 days. CipSoft have limited the possibilities to abuse these Thank you!'s by only allowing a certain amount of Thank you!'s per day or week. There is no official numbers of this limitation though.

The Tutor exam is no longer a requirement.

Thank You!'s Stars
Tutor Star
101Tutor StarTutor Star
201Tutor StarTutor StarTutor Star
401Tutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor Star
801Tutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor Star
1601Tutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor StarTutor Star

Getting Thank you!'s:
In order to be appointed as tutor, you must have obtained 40 Thank you!'s by different players in the last 90 days. Players can hand out Thank you!'s in the:

  • Help Board
  • Technical Support Board
  • Payment Support Board
  • Help Channel

Additionally, tutors can get even more Thank you!'s by reporting ingame bugs.

Depending on the amount of Thank you!'s a tutor account has, unhidden characters from this account will have a certain amount of stars displayed under the character name on its posts and on the Account Information section on the corresponding character page.


Tutors will be dismissed if their conduct level turns orange, red or black. Tutors that have been dismissed can become tutor once more as soon as they meet all requirements again.


You can identify Tutors in game by their text in the Help Channel.
On Tutors may choose to show their status on their character page. As well you can see "Tutor" under their names on their Forum posts along with stars that reflect how many "Thank You!'s" that Tutor has received.

Before October 20, 2011, Tutor could be promoted to the position of Senior Tutor, but now just receive more stars after they get a certain number of "Thank You!'s". While all Tutors were initially given one star, Senior Tutors were given two stars.

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