The trolls destroyed the home of the poor Jerom. And now when he planned to open a new store! You can help him to get revenge on the trolls who did this evil to him.




Bats and Wolves. Possibly lured Bears, Ghouls, Skeletons, Hunters, Wisps or Poachers. If done during the night, you may also find Werebadgers, Wereboars and Werefoxes.

Required Equipment


Find Jerom north-east of Edron (here), near Avar Tar.

Ask him about "Mission" and he will tell you about the troll who ruined his life.

Go to the other side of the mountain (here) and jump into the river, put on your Helmet of the Deep or Depth Galea and swim under the mountain.

  • You must have either helmet equipped in order to enter the mountain cave.

TrollSabotage 1.pngTrollSabotage 2.png
You should fall down a floor, swim to the water vortex and you are another floor down. Go out of the water and follow the way up as far as you can go. Walk immediately north from where the last set of stairs take you. TrollSabotage Map.png
you will end up at the top of the mountain, wear your boots of haste and run the full distance in order to make the leap.
TrollSabotage 3.pngTrollSabotage 4.png

Go up and you will find Chief Grarkharok, talk to him.

1. Threaten him with 'kill', 2. Offer him a 'lady', 3. Provide him the name of any female player on your server. He will give you Jerom's Family Necklace.

Now Go back to Jerom and ask him about mission.

Note that If you've lost your amulet and you talk to Jerom about your mission he will give you 200gp and will tell you that he got it.

the quest does not finish here, you still need to find the chief a 'Troll Lady'. If you check your Quest Log, "Troll Sabotage" quest will NOT be completed. you can read that Chief Grarkharok is still waiting for a troll lady. Maybe there's another reward if you can help him.

Further information

  • Jerom will tell you about his dream to open up a pet store. and about his parent's farm. he will also tell you about varieties of pets (spider,snake,dog,rat,cat etc)
  • Chief Grarkharok will tell you about his hobby of throwing stones at humans, and will also tell you about his love for snakes and frogs and will eat any dead frog or snake you will give him.


Player: Hi
Jerom: Sorry, but I'm not in the best mood today.
Player: Mission
Jerom: I'm not sure but I suppose that an evil troll lives in the mountains here! I saw him rummaging in the ruins of my house. ...
Jerom: I took a closer look and found my family casket ripped open. It contained a precious necklace. If I had it back, I could sell it and start over! ...
Jerom: Could you look for this mean beast, find out why he did and either get me some money ormy necklace to rebuild my business?
Player: yes
Jerom: Gret! Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel! Come back and ask me for the quest when you solved this mystery!

Player: Hi
Chief Grarkharok: Me Chief Grarkharok! No do nothing!
Player: kill you
Chief Grarkharok: Hrhrhrhr! Me no fear of human! Me Chief Grarkharok!!
Player: Lady
Chief Grarkharok: You help?? Human know troll lady for Grarkharok??
Player: Yes
Chief Grarkharok: What name of troll lady??
Player: Say the name of any female player on your world
Chief Grarkharok: Character Name ?!? Sound good! Bring troll lady to Grarkharok!! Here, give troll lady! Take take! Bring lady to Grarkharok for make tribe!! Now GO!

Now you should have recived Jerom's Family Necklace.

Player: Hi
Jerom: Hello. Sorry, but I'm not in the best mood today.
Player: Mission
Jerom: Thank you sooo much <sniffs>. Well, you know I lost everything, but recently I found this strange rope here. I don't need it, here take it!

You will now receive the Elvenhair Rope.

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