Edron Troll Cave, west of town


Rats, and maybe Bugs, Wolves, and Goblins if you wander too far on the way. Bears, Troll Champions, Trolls, and a Frost Troll once you get there.

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Required Equipment


  • From the Edron depot, go down the drain in the south-west corner of the castle (here).
  • There is only one way to go, so follow this cave down and up until you emerge in a grassy area (here).
  • Go to the Troll Cave to the north-west (here), and go down the hole. Be prepared to face up to 20 Troll Champions if no one has been down there for a while. For low level players it's advised to move in slowly, there's a small passage where only one of the Troll Champions can attack you.
  • Follow this path to the north and east, and go down the hole:

Troll Cave Quest Map 01.jpg

  • Follow this path to the room to the north and go down the hole:

Troll Cave Quest Map 02.jpg

Troll Cave Quest Map 03.jpg

  • The reward is in two boxes on the east side of the room.
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