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Trimera was merged along with Keltera and Samera into a new world Thera on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

  • The root of the server's name is probably Amera (from America) prefixed with the English tri- (three, from Latin tria, Ancient Greek τρία); the name is in accordance with Trimera being the third American server to have come online, following Amera and Libera.
  • Bloodbringer was the first player to reach level 100 in Trimera. The character doesn't exist anymore.
  • Pskonejott was the first character to reach level 200 in Trimera.
  • Carlos paladino was the first character to reach level 300 in Trimera. The character left trimera.
  • Banor the swordman was the first character to reach level 400 in Trimera. The character left trimera.
  • Almighty Pedro (formerly Artus Vysox) was the first player to reach level 500 in Trimera.
  • The server's first war occurred in 2004, with Euthanasia being defeated by Foul Souls.
  • For over 4 years, Foul Souls ruled Trimera peacefully. A couple of years ago they were defeated by Onslaught, a guild that used to be one of the most feared in all Tibia.
  • Onslaught became then the top guild of the server since 2008. They used to conduct several quest services including The Inquisition Quest and the Pits of Inferno Quest.
  • During the years many have tried to take Onslaught out of power but they have all failed miserably.
  • As of 17 November 2010 The guild Onslaught have stated on Trimera's forum here that Onslaught will no longer remain as an active guild on Trimera and would retire along with a couple of its founding members. Many of their active members have now founded the guild Untouchable.
  • In August 2011, Onslaught was recreated, by its old members, as Ons. It They began a war against Untouchable.
  • Many members from the Untouchable side went to other servers to join wars there or just play in peace. Those who got tired of open pvp went to optional pvp worlds. Trimera is now at peace. Some may argue that the server is now better and has less power abuse, although power abuse and random fragging do occur, though maybe less frequent.
  • In 2012, Ons changed back to Onslaught.
  • Today, The server contains much power abuse by Onslaught. Many of the best spawns, such as Sea Serpent Area, Liberty Bay Wyrms and many other spawns are taken 24/7 by Onslaught members (most of whom are Botting). Players are frequently kicked out of their spawns by Onslaught members.
  • Quest services (for The Inquisition Quest, Pits of Inferno Quest, Wrath of the Emperor Quest, etc.) are done occasionally by Onslaught members. People can be hunted for doing a Quest that Onslaught services with your own team.
  • Random PKing by Onslaught members is not uncommon.
  • As of 2014 The Ceará team now "owns" this server. They will kill anyone 45+ without permission of being on their server. I do not recommend playing on this server if you are new.
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