You see Trimegis
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Rain Castle, central tower, in north-west Thais on Royal Avenue (go up the stairs to the left in the throne room).


Trimegis is the king's newest court mage and adviser in arcane matters (the last court mage was killed by Ferumbras in one of his attacks).
He can tell you something of the history of Thais and about other people around town.


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 === General keywords ===

Player: hi
Trimegis: <mumbles> Greetings, Player.
Player: job
Trimegis: I am the {kings} new {courtmage} and advisor in arcane matters.
Player: courtmage
Trimegis: The last courtmage was killed by {Ferumbras} in one of his attacks.
Player: Ferumbras
Trimegis: He failed in his quest for power since he ultimately forfeited greater powers for a quick but limited powerboost by enslaving himself to some dark entities.
Player: Tibianus or king
Trimegis: Our king frequently relies on my divinations and spells of protection.
Player: name
Trimegis: I am commonly known as Trimegis.
Player: power
Trimegis: Power comes to those who have the intelligence to claim it.
Player: rune
Trimegis: I have no need for runes anymore. Runes are tools for beginners.
Player: spell
Trimegis: My spells are my personal secret.
Player: time
Trimegis: Time does not matter in the end.
Player: sorcerers
Trimegis: Many call themselves a sorcerer, but only a few truly understand what that means.
Player: Excalibug
Trimegis: The only weapon I need is my magic.
Player: Nightmare Pits
Trimegis: Some dumb holes for adventurers seeking trouble.
Player: army
Trimegis: In the long run, it would pay off to focus all resources on a magicians corps, but the king is not convinced of that. Not yet.
Player: wisdom
Trimegis: Wisdom is only an excuse for the lack of consequence.
Player: news
Trimegis: I don't care about mundane gossip.

Thais NPCs

Player: Elane
Trimegis: Paladins are another example that diversing one's resources between goods, mundane weapons, and magic does not make a good mixture.
Player: Bozo
Trimegis: At least one mundane who knows his proper place.
Player: Donald McRonald
Trimegis: I have certainly no business with such persons.
Player: Frodo
Trimegis: A bar is fine to distract the mundanes from doing something foolish.
Player: Gregor
Trimegis: Limited in his vision as all knights are.
Player: Harkath Bloodblade
Trimegis: The king listens to the advice of this swordsman far too often.
Player: Lungelen
Trimegis: She has the 'know how', but sadly does not really know how to use it efficitenly.
Player: Lynda
Trimegis: Gods are not as reliable as something you mastered on your own.
Player: Muriel
Trimegis: He's quite good in magical theories, but lacks practice in the field.
Player: Oswald
Trimegis: A truly disgusting fellow.
Player: Quentin
Trimegis: Mixing up magic with religion can't do any good.
Player: Sam
Trimegis: A man as mundane as a rock.
Player: Xodet
Trimegis: He made the best he could of his limited abilities.
Player: Baxter
Trimegis: Brawns but no brain.
Player: Lugri
Trimegis: Another bogeyman. Who's afraid of someone who is that 'powerful' that he hides in some dirthole?
Player: Eclesius
Trimegis: That old fool wanted to become courtmage too. But he just doesn't cut the mustard.
Player: Marvik
Trimegis: Since intelligence can't be substituted by passion, all druids are nothing but hedgemages.
Player: bye
Trimegis: Farewell.

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