Three users of magic plot in a tower filled with undead.


Triangle Tower


Skeletons, Ghouls, Demon Skeletons, Stalkers, a Witch, a Monk and a Dwarf Geomancer. If you walk downstairs, below ground level you may meet a Bonelord.


First, head to the Triangle Tower, which is found here, and go up to the top. If the tower is closed you will have to go into the desert and pull the lever to open the wall, the lever is found here.

In the tower you will encounter several creatures, such as:

Note that Demon Skeletons cannot see Invisible foes, using the spell or a Stealth Ring may help.

After reaching the fourth floor and eventually killing everything there, open the box to get your reward. You can also kill the Monk and the Witch, which are easy to kill, grab the reward, and leave. The Dwarf Geomancer is hard to melee on a lower level/on lower skills.

You can then go back down to the bottom of the tower and out, if someone has closed the door on you, you will need to go into the basement and go through the teleporter.

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