Property Value
Aliases Pirates Treasure
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(40 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active




Treasure Island



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Required Equipment


  • Go to Captain Waverider in a small hut south-east of Liberty Bay and ask him to take you to "treasure island"
  • Once on the island, you will need to "dig" specific spots to find hidden holes that lead underground. Here is a map of the spots you can dig:

Treasure Island Holes

NOTE: When you dig on these spots, if you do not have a Pirate Treasure Map in your backpack, it will say "Sorry, not possible.". For each hole dug, one Pirate Treasure Map will dissapear from your backpack.

NOTE: The holes are booby-trapped and can spawn Scorpions at first. Keep digging, and you will open the hole.

NOTE: You will face all enemies at once when you go down the hole, so be prepared.

The top left hole leads to an open, circular room with lots of enemies. GFB is recommended. Going down again there are more enemies, along with what looks to be a graveyard and a plaque condemning a horrible navigator.

The top right hole leads to crabs and blood crabs. Here you can view, but not access, 2 treasure chests on the -2 level.

All other holes lead to an extensive and interconnecting undead cave.

There is no known reward or quest on treasure island.

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