Contrary to how it may seem, you can simply walk over to the island the chest containing this document is located on.
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Obtained during the Small Sapphire Quest.
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To Captain Starbird, Port Hope, Juggling Mermaid's Inn.

Rodney, ye hairy ol' walrus, I hope this finds ye in good health and spirits and a fair maiden in each arm, too, I wager.
As we had to scarper from that last and somewhat heated appointment with the fleet, I took the liberty of deducting my travel expenses from the contents of this here treasure chest. Shiver me timbers, what a blow my ol' Red Ruby took! It's three months' repair at least before venturing out for the next likely booty for us.
Well, take the rest for a merry round of quaffing with the boys, and we'll meet at the usual place at the usual time.


Captain Jack Rumgut