Tibia has seventeen towns, all of them being a hometown. A hometown is the town you respawn in after you have died. Nowadays your first hometown in Tibia is Dawnport but you can chose to start playing in Rookgaard instead. When you are level 8 you can leave Dawnport or Rookgaard. If you are in Dawnport you will choose a vocation and a hometown on mainland, otherwise if you are in Rookgaard you will be teleported to Island of Destiny by The Oracle first then there you will choose a vocation and a hometown on the mainland.

Your choice of hometown isn't permanent and can easily be changed whenever you want to. All you have to do is go to the town and find the Portal of Citizenship. If you enter it, the town you are in will become your new hometown.

In the past, it was necessary to know the hometown of any character you wanted to send a Letter or Parcel. This is not necessary anymore with the implementation of the global Inbox (with Updates/9.7).

Your hometown is listed on your character page on Tibia.com.


Dawnport is the first town you will see. When you create a new character you will appear here, or after the Flash Client Tutorial if you use the Flash Client. It replaced Rookgaard as the beginner island.


Rookgaard was for a long time the first town you would come to with every new character. Now, you can arrive here by talking to an NPC at Dawnport. The term rooking refers to the act of killing a character until it reaches level 5, which resets the character including its level and residency (which was Rookgaard but is now Dawnport). Here is a map of Rookgaard.

Free Account Towns[]


The land of elves and nature. Nestled amidst the towering trees of a mystical forest, Ab'Dendriel exudes an ethereal charm that enchants visitors. The town is a haven for graceful elves, their homes woven harmoniously with nature. Sunlight filters through the lush foliage, creating mesmerizing patterns on the ground. Delicate bridges connect the treetop houses, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. The air is filled with the sweet scent of blossoms, and the melodic chirping of birds resonates through the town. Here is a map of Ab'Dendriel, inviting you to immerse yourself in its magical allure.


Carlin, is a beautiful city located on the north coast of the King's Gulf. The city is under the reign of the esteemed Queen Eloise, whose influence can be seen throughout the city. Notably, Carlin stands out as a unique society where women take the lead in various roles. From senior officers and merchants to city guards, women hold prominent positions, while men are primarily engaged in minor tasks. Here is a map of Carlin, inviting you to experience its tranquil coastal charm.


Kazordoon stands tall as a marvel of ancient engineering and craftsmanship, a testament to the enduring legacy of the dwarfs. The homeland of all dwarves was created millions of years ago by the enormous giants and cyclopses. For a better understanding of its layout, check out this map of Kazordoon. It's important to note that reaching this extraordinary city directly from the Island of Destiny is not possible.


The land of busy government where King Tibianus lives. They see themselves as the capital of all of Tibia. Here is a map of Thais. Thais and Carlin have been known to have a long-time rivalry on most game worlds.


A town built on a swamp. This town is based on economy and sells many items, making it an ideal choice of living in. Before a certain update this was the most dangerous town of all because of the monsters that live near it. Many monsters were lured near the path to Venore, for example Giant Spiders, Dragons and other evil creatures. Here is a map of Venore.

Premium Account Towns[]

Towns reachable only by premium accounts from the Island of Destiny (with the exception of Svargrond, YalaharFarmine, Gray Beach and Roshamuul).


A desert town, famous for their ancient pyramids and located in southern Darama. Here is a map of Ankrahmun.


The first town that was discovered on the desert island Darama. Here is a map of Darashia. Ruled by the Caliph Kazzan.


A big and peaceful island east of Tibia. Famous for their extraordinary magicians who work and experiment with spells in Noodles Academy of Modern Magic. Many unknown and dangerous creatures hide in the deep dungeons on this island! Here is a map of Edron.


A dwarven base in a dwarven expedition from Kazordoon reached Zao when searching for new ore veins. Here is a map of Farmine. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.

Gray Beach[]

A beach uninhabited by humans. Although not a conventional city, there is a depot, bank, temple and trade NPCs. Although you can access this area at level 8, it does not appeal to low levels due to the Hive and Deepling threat. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny. Gray Beach is accessible by boat only.


An ancient town that was rebuilt after being destroyed by Suon's Wrath, located on an island that was once part of the same landmass as Krailos and ruled by the Anuma. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.

Liberty Bay[]

A Venorean settlement in the southern seas. Surrounded by many islands such as Treasure Island, Laguna Islands and Forbidden Islands. Here is a map of this town.

Port Hope[]

A town in the jungle, famous for their ancient ruins, and beautiful but dangerous fauna and flora. Located west from Ankrahmun. Here is a map of this beautiful town.


A city ruled by its' citizens. It's located on the island of Oramond. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny. Rathleton is initially accessible by Thais boat only.


A small Inquisition-led expedition right in the middle of a demon-infested island. Located east of Darashia. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny. Roshamuul is accessible by Thais boat only.


An ice settlement of the north. It is inhabited by Carliners and a few local Barbarians. It's located here. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.


A city in the northern area. It is inhabited by various different races. Here is a map of this town. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny. Yalahar is accessible by boat only.


During various Updates new towns were introduced to Tibia. A brief history is given here.

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