Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Unknown.
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Unknown.
Occupational Properties
Job Astrologer
Sorcerer Guild Leader
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
You see Tothdral.
NPC Bubble D


Tothdral is located in the library of the Serpentine Tower. He teaches all spells available to free account sorcerers.

Trade Details


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player: Ankrahmun
Tothdral: This city is as old as the sands that surround it, and it is built on previous settlements that date back even further in time.Perhaps only the wise scarabs know the full story of this place.
Player: scarabs
Tothdral: If you know how to listen to them they will reveal ancient secrets to you.
Player: Carlin or Venore or Thais or Edron
Tothdral: Those cities that bow to the false gods will fall prey to their treacherous greed sooner or later.
Player: Ab'dendriel or Elves
Tothdral: Elves are nothing but idle riff-raff. They embrace the vain amusements of physical pleasure. Eternal damnation will be their lot.
Player: Kazordoon or Dwarves
Tothdral: The dwarves should have learned their lessons, but these boneheaded fools still don't see there is only one way to escape the false gods' grasp.
Player: Darashia
Tothdral: Their foolishness is great, but perhaps they still can be saved. If only they listened and accepted the next step to ascension.
Player: ascension
Tothdral: The essence of the true gods is omnipresent in the universe. We all share this divine heritage, for every single one of uscarries the divine spark inside him. This is the reason we all have a chance to ascend to godhood, too.
Player: false gods
Tothdral: The self-styled gods were nothing but minor servants of the true gods. They steal the soul of any mortal foolish enoughto believe in them. They plan to use the stolen souls to ascend to true godhood.
Player: Akh'rah Uthun
Tothdral: The Akh'rah Uthun is the trinity of existence, the three that are one. The Akh, the shell, the Rah, the source of power, andthe Uthun, our consciousness, form this union.
Player: Akh
Tothdral: The Akh is a tool. As long as it is alive it is a burden and source of weakness, but if you ascend to undeath it becomes auseful tool that can be used to work towards greater ends.
Player: Rah
Tothdral: The Rah is what the ignorant might call the soul. But it's more than that. It is the divine spark in all of us, the source ofenergy that keeps us alive.
Player: Uthun
Tothdral: The Uthun is the part of the trinity that is easiest to form. It consists of our recollections of the past and of our thoughts.It is that which determines who we are in this world and it gives us guidance throughout our existence.
Player: Tibia
Tothdral: This world is only a shadow of the worlds that have been. That was long ago, before the true gods fought each other in the godwars and the false gods rose to claim their heritage.
Player: Darama
Tothdral: This continent is mostly free from the servants of the false gods. Those who live here may hope to become worthy one dayof the first steps towards ascension.
Player: undead
Tothdral: Undeath is an improvement. It is the gateway to goals that are nobler than eating, drinking or other fulfilments of trivialphysical needs..
Player: job
Tothdral: I am the foremost astrologer and supreme magus of this city.
Player: name
Tothdral: My name is Tothdral. They call me 'The Seeker Beyond the Grave'.
Player: They steal the soul of any mortal foolish enough to believe in them. They plan to use the stolen souls to ascend to true godhood. or the false gods
Tothdral: The false gods harvest the souls of the dead to secure their stolen powers and status.
Player: pharaoh
Tothdral: The immortal pharaoh is our god and our example. He alone holds the secrets that will save us all from the greedy grasp ofthe false gods.
Player: time
Tothdral: Time is your problem. It is no longer mine.
Player: mortality
Tothdral: Mortality is your curse. When you are worthy the burden of mortality will be taken from your shoulders.
Player: temple
Tothdral: Our temple is a centre of spirituality and learning. The temple and the serpentine tower work hand in hand for the good of all people, whether they are alive or undead.
Player: mourn
Tothdral: The dead mourn the living because they are weak and excluded from ascension.
Player: godswar
Tothdral: This war brought about the end of the true universe. That which is left now is but a shadow of former glories, a bleak remainder of what once was. The true gods perished and their essence was dispersed throughout the remaining universe.
Player: Arena
Tothdral: The arena is a suitable distraction for the Uthun of the mortals. It might even serve as a place for them to prove their worth. If they pass the test they may be freed of their mortal shells.
Player: Palace
Tothdral: The residence of the pharaoh should be worshipped just as the pharaoh is worshipped. Don't enter until you have business there.

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