You see a torch.
It weighs 5.00 oz.


Provides 7 squares of yellow light for 20 minutes. As the torch is used, the light gets weaker and the torch shorter. Its weight will consequently get reduced to 4.50 oz, 4.00 oz and then 3.50 oz and the name changes to Burnt Down Torch.
It was once a useful item. People always carried one of these in their belt to save mana in hunts from casting light spells. High levels tend to use Frozen Starlights since they are an infinite source of blue light. However, since the ambient light feature was implemented, torches were left behind, and nowadays they are almost completely useless.

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Obtainable in The Beginning Quest.
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With the spring patch 2012 the sprite of Torch changed from Torch (Old).gif to Torch.gif.