You see Topsy
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  • Runes, wands, rods, health and mana potions! Have a look!


Thais north-east shop on Mill Avenue.


She sells many magical items along with her identical twin sister Turvy, who deals in weapons and armor.


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Player: hi
Topsy: Hello, dear Player. How can I help you? If you need magical equipment such as runes or wands, just ask me for a trade.
Player: name
Topsy: My name is Topsy.
Player: job
Topsy: I sell runes as well as spirit, health and mana potions - your best friends in any dungeon!
Player: offers
Topsy: I'm selling spirit, health and mana potions, runes, wands, rods and spellbooks. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: dungeon
Topsy: Dungeons - dank cold places if you ask me. They lead to rusty armour, severe colds and death ... on the other hand you use a lot of runes there ... so just think about the treasures you'll surely find there.
Player: king
Topsy: <mutters> Here we go again ... Hail to King Tibianus! ... Don't make me do that again!
Player: power
Topsy: There is a power struggle between Venore and Thais.
Player: magic
Topsy: Magic will only protect you - a rune and some magic potions.
Player: quest
Topsy: I sell magic stuff, my dear. If you want a quest, you've come to the wrong shop.
Player: Carlin
Topsy: I went there on holiday once. Just goes to show that women are much better at running a place than men. King Tibianus could learn a thing or two from Queen Eloise.
Player: Venore
Topsy: A marvellous city! Modern! Prosperous! Thais could learn a thing or two from Venore.
Player: gossip or news or rumours
Topsy: I'm all ears.
Player: anything
Topsy: Really? Tststs.
Player: gods
Topsy: Gods - if we didn't have them, we would have invented them.
Player: rebellion
Topsy: There is talk of a rebellion in Venore to gain independence from the Oppressor... I mean, King - of Thais. It can only help business.
Player: boss
Topsy: I had one once. He should have bought better armor. Actually - he's upstairs.
Player: weapons
Topsy: Wrong shop - go to my sister, silly!
Player: excalibug
Topsy: If you want to find out about excalibug you should ask the more sinister characters in Thais not a respectable woman like myself!
Player: time
Topsy: Time waits for no one! Not even you, sweetheart, so please do hurry up.
Player: Benjamin
Topsy: Bless him, he stood, he fought, and then left his sanity on the battlefield.
Player: Bozo
Topsy: He wanted to be the court jester but got upset when people laughed at him.
Player: Chester Kahs
Topsy: I have never seen him at all. I only heared hes kind of the townsguards chief or such.
Player: Eclesius
Topsy: I heard that he left the city because he couldn't bear the shame of being rejected as courtmage. But that's just a gossip.
Player: Elane
Topsy: Some call her the preying mantis - apparently she has killed over a dozen husbands already.
Player: Gamel
Topsy: He hung around with that Partos a lot. I wouldn't be suprised if he's a thief too. He is not allowed to enter our markethall.
Player: Gamon
Topsy: I think he is a spy ... so I smile at him the whole day. He won't get anything out of me!
Player: Gorn
Topsy: Ah yes ... Gorn ... the used-cart salesman of scrolls.
Player: Gregor
Topsy: Ah Knight ... can't expect much from those guys.
Player: Lugri
Topsy: I only heared rumours about him, isn't he a hermit somewhere in the north?
Player: Marvik
Topsy: Who knows what the old man is up to in his hideout when no one is watching?
Player: Muriel
Topsy: You should ask this guy Oswald about him ... or other pointless rumors.
Player: Partos
Topsy: I heared he was a thief. Good thing he was caught.
Player: Quentin
Topsy: I can't tell much about that old monk.
Player: Sam
Topsy: Ah, such a sweetie. A simple man, with simple tastes and a simple mind.
Player: thank you
Topsy: Oh, such a sweetie ... and so polite. I thought politeness was out of fashion, these days.
Player: good bye
Topsy: Good bye, Player. Do come again!