Property Value
Aliases Chase Jimmy, Heaven Blossom Quest.
Est. Length
Quest Log Tibia Tales
Level 0
(40 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.4
December 10, 2008
Status Active


A masked man stole Iriana's earnings and she needs you to help retrieve them.


All kinds of outlaws, Cave Rats.


10 Heaven Blossoms.

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Mission One

Go to the Trade Quarter and search for Iriana, here, who is near the gate to the Factory Quarter, guarded by Peter.

Talk to her and say Quest, yes.

She will tell you that a burglar has stolen her day's earnings and he started to run away on the roofs.


Go inside her house and walk up the ramp to the roof. To the west you will briefly see a white assassin appearing, turning around, and vanishing.

Top of the City Quest Assassin

The Assassin will appear only for a second before vanishing.

You must follow the white assassin in order to retrieve Iriana's stolen goods but you will also encounter all kinds of outlaws. As you follow the assassin you will cross bridges between buildings and you MUST walk on certain sides (e.g. north vs. south) of some bridges. If you walk on the wrong side of a bridge the assassin will lead you to a dead end and you may be attacked by a Thief. If you do lose track of the assassin then you will have to go back to Iriana to start the chase over again; just say hi to her then continue like before.

Note: Be careful to fight the outlaws without moving, or avoid fighting them at all, so you do not step on incorrect tiles.

Top of the City Quest +1

For step ONE
Destination, go up ladder
Path NOT to follow
Path to follow

STEP ONE (See image to the right for more detail)

  • From the roof of Iriana's house you will see the assassin. Walk west a few steps then south over the first bridge; it doesn't matter how.
  • Now you will see the white assassin again if you walk south. Cross the bridge to the west BUT walk over the SOUTH side of the bridge.
  • Walk south because the white assassin appears there. At another bridge walk over it on the EAST side, farther from the building.
  • Keep walking to the south, turn west into the building and go up one level on the ladder.
Top of the City Quest +2

For step TWO
Destination, go down ladder
Path NOT to follow
Path to follow

STEP TWO (See image to the right for more detail)

  • You are now up one more level where you will now face Stalkers and Assassins. Walk right and south over the first bridge; it doesn't matter how.
  • Continue the only way, south, and cross the bridge on the EAST side.
  • On the next building continue south and cross the bridge on the EAST side.
  • Again continue the only way, south, and cross the bridge on the EAST side.
  • At this next building now walk east and cross this bridge on the SOUTH side.
  • Walk to edge of this building then turn to walk north, crossing on the EAST side.
  • Carefully walk east, crossing this bridge on the NORTH side.
  • Walk south crossing the bridge on the WEST side.
  • Now this is the last bridge and is bigger than the others: 3 squares across, not 2. Cross this bridge THROUGH THE MIDDLE.
  • You will now see the white assassin vanishing on top of a ladder heading down. Go down, there are two Bandits here. Now head SOUTH and go through the flashing door. Here you will meet NPC Jimmy.

When you first talk to him, he will summon three Assassins

Talk to him, and say Iriana, yes.

He will give you a new mission which you must complete before he will give you the goods he stole from Iriana.

Mission Two

Jimmy told you that you need to steal a crate from the cellar of Pugwah's tavern in the Inner City.

  • Go back to Inner City of Yalahar, and enter the sewer either through the grate east of the Depot, here, or the one right by the ramp to the Trade Quarter, here.
  • Walk to the dirt match as seen in the image below, here.
  • Use your pick on the marked spot and you will be transported to a tunnel.
  • Walk north-east, rope up, then use the crate (100 oz.) to the west. You will get one in your inventory.
  • Now head back to Jimmy (you do not need to follow same way as before) and complete this mission. Say quest and he will give you Iriana's Chest (120 oz).
  • And now you can head back to Iriana, Say quest to her.
  • Iriana will give you 10 Heaven Blossoms as a reward, and you are done.
Heaven Blossom.gif


Mission One

Player: hi
Iriana: Are you here to help me? That masked guy has stolen my complete daily earnings! Ask me for a quest if you are willing to help me.
Player: quest
Iriana: I went inside my house just for a second. When I came back, I saw that masked guy jumping on the wagon over there, and from there up on the roof with my chest under his arm. All my earnings are in there. Please help me to get it back! Will you?
Player: yes
Iriana: All right, hopefully you get this mean guy. Come back and tell me about your quest when you know something about the whereabouts of this thief, or even better when you got my chest back.

  • If you lose track of the masked guy:

Player: hi
Iriana: What happened?! Did you lose track of him? I'm sure he'll come back, he always does. Try to track him down from here once more.
Player: quest
Iriana: I've seen you writing down what needs to be done. Take a look at your notes instead of bothering me.

Player: hi
Jimmy: Get him!!

  • Fight the three assassins.

Player: hi
Jimmy: Not bad, not bad....why did you {follow} me?
Player: Iriana
Jimmy: <sighs> I had no other choice. I already have a bad conscience about this. You must know I only do this as I don't see any other options for me and my people to survive. ...
Jimmy: The Yalahari don't care about the inhabitants of the city and the trade baron...he's not really bad but he can't feed everybody here in this quarter. ...
Jimmy: Hey! I've got an idea. If you help me gathering some food, you get.. err.. a part of Iriana's gold back. Word?
Player: yes
Jimmy: As you are allowed to enter the inner circle, an idea came to my mind. Do you know the tavern near the harbour? It's (sic) owner has surely some really delicious things in his cellar. ...
Jimmy: It might be a bit difficult to get in there, but I'm sure you'll find a way. Get me a crate of food out of his stock and bring it to me. Ask me about the {quest} when you've got it.

Mission Two

Player: hi
Jimmy: Hello my friend. What's up?
Player: quest
Jimmy: Good job my friend and thank you for your help. Here, take Iriana's chest. Maybe we meet again <player>. Good bye.

  • The crate is now exchanged for the chest.

Player: hi
Iriana: Hello there. Wanna buy some fishing equipment? Just ask me for a trade.
Player: quest
Iriana: You're my hero! I don't know how to thank you. I don't own much, but take this as a small sign of my gratitude. May the gods always be on your side.
Player: bye
Iriana: Bye bye <player>.

  • The chest is now exchanged for 10 heaven blossoms.
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