Budrik has been robbed by the The Horned Fox and this time it's personal!


Dwarf Mines


Mining Helmet, ability to start the Turmoil of War Task.

Required Equipment


First you need to find Budrik who is the mine foreman for the Dwarf Mines. From the main entrance of Kazordoon go from the red X mark in the top right, following the white line to a rope hole, here there are some spiders. Go north and exit down a ramp where there are Poison Spiders and some Dwarves on the ground level. The second mine with the red circled down arrow mark, is where Budrik is.

Way to Minotaur Tower.png

Talk to Budrik one floor below ground in a mine. Ask him about a mission. He will ask you to get his helmet in a minotaur mountain nearby.
Now keep following the white line south across two bridges and past other mine entrances. You may encounter Snakes, Poison Spiders, Wolves, and Bears. Here use your shovel on a Loose Stone Pile to go down.

Kazordoon Minotaurs (-1).png Head west when you go down the hole and go up on the first rope spot and climb the tower.

Go from the red X mark on the map along the white line to the green up arrow mark. You will likely encounter some Bats, Minotaurs, and Minotaur Archers underground.

Creatures on each of the floors:
ground: 2 Minotaur Guards, 2 Minotaur Archers
second: 4 Minotaur Guards, 4 Minotaur Archers
third: 2 Minotaur Guards in each room (north and south rooms)
fourth: North side: 2 Minotaur Guards, 4 Minotaur Archers
South side: 2 Minotaur Mages, 4 Minotaur Archers
fifth: North side:4 Minotaur Archers
South side: 1 Minotaur Mage, 3 Minotaur Archers

Kazordoon Minotaurs (+1).png Kazordoon Minotaurs (+2).png

The mining helmet is behind a sealed door on the second floor of the tower.

The Steel Helmet Quest is also located here, so save some room for those rewards as well.

Go back to Budrik and report your mission.


Budrik is in the cave north of and closest to river.

Player: hi
Budrik: Hiho, hiho Player.
Player: mission
Budrik: Funny that you are asking me for a mission! There is indeed something you can do for me. Ever heard about The Horned Fox? Anyway, yesterday his gang has stolen my mining helmet during a raid. ...
Budrik: It belonged to my father and before that to my grandfather. That helmet is at least 600 years old! I need it back. Are you willing to help me?
Player: yes
Budrik: I knew you have the guts for that task! We presume the hideout of The Horned Fox somewhere in the south-west near the coast. Good luck!

Player: hi
Budrik: Hiho, hiho Player.
Player: mission
Budrik: I always said it to the others 'This brave fellow will bring me my mining helmet back' and here you are with it!! Here take my spare helmet, I don't need it anymore!
Player: bye
Budrik: Bye, bye.

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