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To challenge the queen of coldness arm yourself with a torch from the upper bonfire.
Be aware though that it will only scare her minions and does not harm herself.
Get the blessing of nature and carry it to the spot where it may sprout.
Gather wood to fuel the lower bonfire after you lighted it.
Fuel it as much as it's required to fall forth the warmth of the flame and guide it to the queen of the percht.
Do this until her shield of ice cracks and it becomes vulnerable to your attacks.
Be aware though, that the coldness of the percht queen and the attacks of her traps and minions will freeze you.
The presence of the percht queen in the northern halve of the cave is extremely cold.
For protection, light yourself at the lower bonfire before you enter her presence.
If you become frozen, you will be lost.
Only the upper bonfire can ward off the coldness, visit it regularly and stay a while.

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