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Titania was merged along with Lunara and Nova into a new world Iona on November 10, 2014.

Game World Merge

On November 10, 2014, Titania was merged with the servers Nova and Lunara into the server Iona. Its creation was officially announced here.

About this world

- Extremely high amount of power abusing high level players.

- PvP without being member of one of the leading guilds is almost impossible because you will most likely be killed by these guilds a few minutes after taking a skull.

- Botting takes over, the leading guilds claim to "own" the most good huntplaces and use them to bot 24/7. Entering without their permission will probably lead to an unfair death.

- Payments, that you might have to pay after messing with certain people, will not be acknowledged as "paid" even if you did pay.

Additional info

  • The name "Titania" possibly comes from the word "Titan", which is a mythical creature on the Greek mythology. See Wikipedia's Article on Titan.
  • The first official guild: Bringers - Bringer of Fire - March 16, 2004 - 2005 ( Retired )
  • One of the most known guild here and in all Tibia: Unit
  • The guild Unit on Titania was the first team in Tibia to kill Orshabaal (2005.11.09).
  • The guild Incinerate was the first team in Tibia to kill Morgaroth.
  • The guild Examination in Violation was the first team on "Titania" to survive and accomplish the depths of the Pits of Inferno.
  • First to mainland was Rostein (Elite Knight). Deleted because of unjustified player killing, 2009.
  • First to level 100 was Vateriel (Royal Paladin).
  • First to level 200 was Garimo (Elite Knight).
  • First to level 300 was Aija (Royal Paladin) (out of the original inhabitants).
  • First to reach skills above 95 in sword fighting and shielding was Roen Soul (Elite Knight). Was hunted off the server by Zeal Daenor.
  • The player Aija is known as one of the greatest relic hunters on Titania.
  • This world is home to the 100,000th player who bought a premium account, he was awarded with a Golden Figurine and a very rare and unobtainable item: Dragon Scale Legs.
  • The guild Vea killed Ghazbaran on 2 April 2009 as the first ones on the server.
  • The guild Vea was the first Guild on Titania to kill Ferumbras. The hat is currently owned by Abyssus who have done the Mage Outfit.


Wayne Silver (Royal Paladin), Wasosky (Elite Knight) and Rostein (Elite Knight).

Robbsson Gunsy (Royal Paladin), Joel Backman (Master Sorcerer) and Gizzmo Kvack (Elder Druid).


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